Pony Stories 344

23 Feb

Huh. The top search over in the top searches bit of the mini-stats for the website says “conversations with dead ponies”. Why would that lead someone here? I mean, that’s just weird. Also, can’t find the where in the world views come from area. I’m sure it’s still there, just doesn’t seem to be as easy to find as before. Did find out that the blog has gotten 1,027 comments total. That’s a lot of comments, and only like half of them are mine. Now for your regularly scheduled (ha!) ponyfic reviews.

  • Tea and Cakes by Gizogin
  • Good Morning, Celestia by Soundslikeponies
  • A Taxing Evening by Admiral Biscuit

Tea and Cakes by Gizogin

I do enjoy all dialogue stories. They are hard to pull off, but very enjoyable. This one is certainly good. Not as great as say, Family Matters, but still a fun read.

Good Morning, Celestia by Soundslikeponies

Something about SciFi and space travel that goes great with ponies in my head. Pretty much all I want in life is a grand pony space opera. This is not that, but has lots of things I enjoy in my space pony SciFi. It’s a happier version of Hello, Sedna in a way. Twilight by herself out in the empty black with only the memories of her friends to keep her company. Only, since this is a happier story, she’ll be getting back to them after the trip. It really does have the show theme of friendship as strength here. I’m a bit biased, I’ll probably recommend anything SciFi and/or space with ponies as long as its not a crime against language, but I’d recommend this one. Short and touching.

A Taxing Evening by Admiral Biscuit

About half of a story, but I enjoyed it. Is fun to think about. The ideas and implications are much more interesting than the story itself. I wonder if Fluttershy gets any public service money? Either as a public vet, or as an animal negotiator like she did with the beavers that one episode. Zecora probably doesn’t pay taxes, but she doesn’t really use any public services. Her needs are a little less needing roads or fire departments and more dealing with timberwolves and poison joke fields. Huh. Wonder if Everfree forest is national park, crown protected wilderness, or if it continues to have what ever zoning the castle of the pony sisters had back when it was the center of government. Do we need a quest to venture deep into the abandoned castle to find the old official Diarchy approved stamp to make paperwork official now that Princess Luna is back?


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3 responses to “Pony Stories 344

  1. Pascoite Fics

    February 24, 2015 at 8:24 am

    I’m okay with a dialogue-only format as long as the story justifies it. Say, two characters are talking in the dark or through a wall so that they have no perception of the other except sound. Or perhaps a character is in the middle of an emotional trauma and is shell-shocked enough that she’s tuning out all but the sound. There are ways that it works.

    This story presents no reason for it other than being a gimmick the author wanted to try.

    If someone decides to write a dialogue-only story and crafts a plot that makes good use of the idea, or if the author came up with a plot, only to decide later that it was particularly well-suited to this treatment, then it becomes part of the message and creates a supporting effect. While this story was fine, I think it succeeds despite the format, not because of it. And that’s as good an argument as can be made against it. It’s a scene of emotional turmoil, and it’s sacrificing a powerful method for getting that turmoil across while gaining ??? in exchange.

    But given that this format was used, it then becomes paramount to given the characters unique voicings, since that’s the only way to distinguish them. I found that to be a mixed bag here. There were times I had to backtrack to figure out who was speaking, since they sounded so similar, and other times, I was relying on the content, not the voice, for that (only Celestia would use Luna’s name, and only Luna would refer to having been Nightmare Moon, for instance), where ideally you’d want to be able to recognize a speaker quickly through her distinct mannerisms and quirks. Through much of this, I could have imagined it as Celestia’s conversation with herself.

    So I liked the story’s idea, and it has a good message, but I don’t think it employed the format well or for a good reason.

    On sci-fi… I don’t know what my deal is there. I love sci-fi in general, but for some reason, I have zero interest in reading sci-fi ponies. I’ve probably only bothered to read 3 or 4 ever, and the whole concept just can’t grab my attention. In the only one I liked, the fact that it was in the future really had very little to do with what was happening, and it could have been a non-technological future without changing the story. And then TaviScratch happened, and I was done with it.

    • Griffin

      February 24, 2015 at 1:43 pm

      I guess I stole all your scifi pony enthusiasm. I certainly seem to have more than my fair share of it. As for the dialogue-only story, I’m pretty much in agreement. Though I’m always happy to see an author trying things out and attempting to stretch themselves. But yeah, it is clearly just an experiment and as an actual story kinda falls down in a lot of places.

  2. Logan

    February 24, 2015 at 7:08 pm

    Other than basic stuff like “mlp fanfic reviews”, my most-searched term appears to be “princess fluttershy”. I approve of this. 😛


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