Watching Episodes #08

27 Feb

Today is the episode where Applejack and Rarity argue a lot! Wait, that doesn’t narrow it down much. Ahem. This is the sleepover episode. We begin even before the episode starts!

Netflix and Amazon have different pictures for this episode. Amazon is the three of them in the dark around the lantern looking scared. Netflix has the three of them smiling side by side with rarity in curls. Checked two previous episodes, Trixie and Dragonshy. Amazon seems to have the more in your face images. Trixie has her looking at camera with one scornful eyebrow raised, and Dragonshy has big red dragon coming at the camera. On Netflix Trixie has her and twilight looking at each other and then fluttershy staring at cowed dragon.

I should get to actually watching the episode now.

Manual weather control. Still my favorite thing about MLP.

That pink pony in the background has never seen a stick before, apparently. She’s staring at it in wide eyed fascination, then looks up at the sky as if thinking deep thoughts about sticks.

Rarity, putting branches back on the tree when everypony else is taking branches down. Her magic effortlessly mending broken plants. Then turning the leaves into unsustainable topiary because she didn’t like the look.

Applejack, just waiting until Rarity was done to pull it back down. Also, the topiary leaves seem to be two dimensional.

Got to admit, AJ does have a point here. Messing up the town a bit doesn’t really matter when a huge rainstorm is hitting in mere minutes.

Complaint about the weather. In Equestria it actually makes sense!

The weather Pegasus ponies seem to enjoy their job a lot. They all have happy smile while working.

Nopony does drama like Rarity. “Oh no! My wonderfully styled mane shall be ruined!”

Rarity is panicking a little too much for a light sprinkle. Applejack, I don’t think that is helping.

First Applejack and Rarity argument!

Rarity sounds a little different here (muddy hooves). Wonder if the voice actor was trying different tones, having an off day, or I’m just imaging it?

Applejack is competitive, Rarity just needs to have the last word. Then they slowly back away from each other to not break eye contact, for some reason. Rarity does get point as for being the pony who tries to stop things before they get heated.

Applejack., Getting under the picnic table is a very short term solution.

The library is a walking tree. Today it wanted to be away from the other buildings.

Magical lightning rod? Wonder what the magic does. Lightning rod implies they know enough to make non magic ones.

Rarity, you do have a point about washing muddy hooves, but you should be much nicer about it.

Spike is away in Canterlot on royal business. Wonder what for. Also, they should have used that more during the show. All the episodes he really doesn’t do anything, should’ve sent him off on royal business.

Twilight, absurdly happy about simple social events. She’s always wanted a slumber party, which means she wanted to have friends while growing up.

Rarity’s expression right after that is great. She needs to work on her improvised excuses though.

Rarity never imagined there would be a reference guide for slumber parties. She has no idea how to react to that book.

Applejack has to be better with a hose than that normally. Maybe she’s used to using both hooves? Or just so mad at Rarity that she’s not focusing on what she’s doing.

Wait, does the tree has plumbing? Hooked to the city utilities or just magic?

“We have to do it. It says so in the book!” Still the most Twilight line of dialogue ever. Also one of my favorites.

Applejack, even worse at excuses.

“Officially fun” another good Twilight comment.

Twilight’s eyes match her coat (sort of) while the other two have eyes that compliment their coats.

You shouldn’t write in books, Twilight. Unless its a reference guide and step by step checklist.

Twilight doesn’t actually see the purpose of the makeovers. Do it, then use magic to restore everypony to normal. Including returning Applejack’s hat. Checkmark!

Subtlety is not in either of their vocabularies. Also “it is a ghost story, they’re all made up.” Is a great comeback. Both of them waving hooves to be spooky is great.

I think Twilight just turned off the lights without telling them.

Firefly lamp. How did it just turn on abruptly a moment ago?

I suspect Twilight practiced that story alone in her room while thinking about having slumber parties.

The moment the two of them look at each other and realize they are clinging is great.

Gotta go with Applejack on this one Rarity. Being that precise with s’mores is just silly. However, Rarity’s glare of death there is just perfect.

Checking the rules for truth or dare. Though this time it did seem to be because their heated emotions were making her uncomfortable. I’ve been in that position.

Why does Twilight have that dress right there? And she kinda looks like Harshwhinny with just that bit if hair showing.

Glare of doom! You don’t start nothin’ unless you are prepared for Rarity to bring it.

Rarity is, in fact, giving as good as she gets.

Hey, it’s the cover image for Twilight October.

Why is the bed twice as long as they are?

Rarity, you need to bring it down a notch. Making the bed while trying to get some sleep is just nuts.

Very bouncy bed, though.

Applejack pretending to snore is wonderful.

They don’t let go of the blanket while Twilight is ranting at them. Hee.

The back and forth in Trade Ya is this exact one. Each one claiming they are the better at whatever they are doing at the moment.

Twilight, didn’t Princess Celestia teach you not to say things like that out loud? The universe is always listening. Ready to respond with curiously precise lightning bolts to nearby trees.

Applejack, I don’t think removing the loose branches would have stopped the lightning from slicing off the top third of that tree.

Applejack hanging from the rope. Priceless. Also, pretty impressive that it went through the window without breaking anything or crashing into the wall.

Rarity, cleaning up the floor is a bit pointless while the window is open.

That’s a bit big to be a branch, Twilight.

Applejack, willing to be the bigger made to get the problem solved.

“Yes, ickyness is often a side effect of hard work, but y’all need to get over it”

“Does this count as camping?” Twilight, you are adorkable.

The sparkles are the energy of vaporizing most of the tree’s mass with that spell.

Applejack, there is a house right over there. Remember? Kicking a log through one if their windows is not a good idea.

Applejack is awesome.

Yep. This is the exact shape of their relationship from here on out.

When the clouds split down the middle like that to reveal the sky, I picture teams of pegasus ponies on either side pulling the outer edges of the whole thing until it splits down the middle.


Post-episode bit: Hm… About as good as I remember. A lot of really good moments, but overall it kinda lacks cohesion. Plus the moral of the episode wasn’t really supported. Rarity was pretty much in the wrong nine times out of ten, and Applejack is the one that gave in at the end and apologized because she knew it was the only way to fix things. 4 / 5 on my very odd scale of rating things. 4 in this case being I liked most of it, and thought it had good parts, but didn’t wow me. 3 would be just bland, but competent. 2 is okay quality-wise, but I don’t like it. 1 and 5 are the ends of the scale and represent both quality and pure personal preference.


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4 responses to “Watching Episodes #08

  1. Logan

    February 28, 2015 at 9:02 pm

    This is one of those episodes I like better now than I did then. With the context that’s since been filled in of the double act of Rarity and Applejack, I think it’s more fun.

    • Griffin

      February 28, 2015 at 11:03 pm

      I was just amused at how common this particular argument is throughout the show. I think I like it about the same really. The extra enjoyment from the added context is balanced out by the fact that I’m more aware of the writing failures.

  2. Pascoite Fics

    March 3, 2015 at 9:44 am

    These two get the best expressions in general. Love Rarity’s death glare, particularly the one she gave Applejack in “Testing, Testing, 1 2 3…” after she badmouthed fashion as a learning tool.

    • Griffin

      March 3, 2015 at 9:51 am

      True. I’m finding that I’m really enjoying the facial expressions in general this time watching it. Probably one of the reasons the show is so popular, and so easy to miss on a conscious level if you aren’t paying attention.


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