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28 Feb

Posting before the last minute? Hopefully I’ve been replaced by a more productive pod person. Just finished up spending far too long messing around with the big master review list. Sliding around all the review links in the under 100 columns to see if I can’t get them to fit better. Nope. Hopefully I didn’t mess anything up. I don’t think anyone looked in while I was doing it, but if you did and you follow this blog, sorry for any confusion it might have caused.

Hitting that point of lacking motivation, so decided to once again sabotage my efforts to cut down on my read later list by reading a story off someone else’s read later list! One of my followers on fimfiction, selected semi randomly that I can find a read later library for, will be providing my next story to read. Next time I believe I will scan follower libraries for stories that are also in mine. Two bookshelves with one blow. Just call me John Carter of Fimfiction. No, wait, that’s probably one of the good writers. Anyway, I don’t even remember whose bookshelf I got it from, but if you have Without A Hive on your read later pile there is a review of it below.

  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ponies by Sharp Spark
  • Without a Hive by Phoenix_Dragon
  • Fragments by Phoenix_Dragon

The Good, the Bad, and the Ponies by Sharp Spark

Ended up enjoying this a lot more than I expected. Probably because the bank heist one was a disappointment. Anyway, this pulled off the tricky act of the story wasn’t all that piny until the end, but the characters were all recognizable. I could totally believe this was the mane six as wild west outlaws of various types. Even the back stories fit together pretty well. To the point that I wanted more when the story was over. This would be a fun AU to read stories about. Assuming they were all this quality or better. Spoiler (highlight to read): I really do like the idea that they don’t fix the memory/life switcharoo. That the six are still friends, but now five of them are now western-themed desperadoes instead of their original lives.  Spoiler End

Without a Hive by Phoenix_Dragon

Quote “Revenge started with an apple.” Starting line for chapter five. That’s a great opening line.

A bit slow paced. I only noticed it a few times, but I spent more than half the story waiting for something that ended up never happening. Perhaps in the sequel. I enjoyed the story, but it did lack most of the things I like in a good changeling story. Almost no worldbuilding for changelings, the changeling character isn’t that different in perspective, and except at the very end we don’t get any integrating with pony society bits. It was a pretty good fluffy go nowhere slice of life though.

If you like slice of life where nothing really happens, put this on your to read list. If you like stories with a lot of changeling stuff, you can skip this one unless you are really wanting to read a new changeling story. Two things I wanted to mention that I enjoyed quite a bit. First, the description of Canterlot and the royal palace was really good. Gave a nice sense of the elegance and feel of the place. Second, the story takes place mostly in the years before the show and I quite liked how it handled the big world-affecting show events. In this case, Nightmare Moon’s return and Discord’s day of chaos.

Fragments by Phoenix_Dragon

A lot like the previous story. Good slice of life, with plenty of decently well done cliche. The mane six were all characterized well and the main character was a bit basic, but not flat. I thought the main character in Without a Hive was better written though. This seemed like a shorter story than it was, but avoided the pacing troubles of the previous. So, better in some respects not as good in others. Even less changeling worldbuilding in this one. This is pure slice of life with just a tiny pinch of changeling at the end.

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