Pony Stories 348

02 Mar

Well, that breaks the streak. Technically anyway. In the 24 hours of March 1, I didn’t post anything. Going by musician rules of the day is between when you get up from when you go to bed, still got time. Just goes to show I really need to stop putting things off. The hours sometimes just fly by. I figured I’d get around to it sometime in the last three hours and just didn’t. Bleh. I’ll still give myself something of a clean pass, since I only missed it by like five minutes, but it still stings. Anyway, some pony fanfic reviews.

Special Day For Mom by Cobolt Soundwave

I need to stop reading the stories about these AU characters. I like the concepts, but sadly the quality has not been all that great. This one is pretty much what the description says it us. No great prose, interesting character bits, or worldbuilding, or much of anything really.

Fool’s Gold by Merc the Jerk

Only got about one third through this. Eh, no pony here. Pretty much original fiction with a couple of mlp names tossed in. Almost literally as half the time the characters are referred to by different names. The show names are nicknames or last names or something. Writing is a bit rough and just doesn’t flow well enough. Guess that’ll teach me to pick stories by their cover images.

A Midnight Stroll by Vargras

Another one I didn’t finish. Was just too generic. Not bad, though hardly inspired either. Just very generic and by the numbers.

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Posted by on March 2, 2015 in Ponies, Reading 2015, Reviews


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