Watching Episodes #09

06 Mar

While adding PresentPerfect’s huge Hearts and Hooves day post, the big master list reached the 2000th author point. The lucky author is *pause for dramatic effect* UnicodingUnicorn. Dun dun dun! I’m starting to think that just catching up on all the backlogged reviews I’ve got bookmarked (including mine) is going to push the big master review list over 5000 stories. Gotta work faster now that several of the reviewers are actually stepping up their output.

It’s time for the Zecora episode. Ugh, which I meant to post yesterday. Thought I had. So that’s a day totally missed rather than just five minutes late. Blerg. Time to smack sense back into self.

Where did the tumbleweed come from? That foal certainly seems excited by it.

Sugarcube corner has a horseshoe nailed above the door. Wonder why?

I love that Twilight is just not putting up with this foolishness.

Applejack is a teeny tiny bit overprotective of Applebloom.

Twilight knows about Zebras, maybe even seen one before in Canterlot. Knew what Zecora was instantly. Also mentions she’s not a pony.

Spike sees a chance for unobserved snacking and goes for it! Then proves he sucks at stealth but great at dramatic moments.

“The Everfree forest just ain’t natural, the plants grow, animals care for themselves, and the clouds move, all on their own!” Still a great set of lines. Rarity does a good panicked faint.

Twilight, still not putting up with this foolishness.

Pinkie’s song. Very energetic if it wears Pinkie Pie out.

Snarky Twilight is just awesome.

Applebloom, voice of reason.

“I heard it’s the eeevil way she eats hay.”

Zecora is a little creepy here. How do they know her name?

I like how it shows them shifting the flowers around. Obvious if you are paying attention, but not in your face about it.

Twilight, putting the record straight about curses.

Floppy horn!

Tiny Applejack is adorable. Look at her tiny little hat.

Yeah, the first time I saw this I almost fell over laughing at hearing Flutterguy. Plus her avoidance of it was pretty good itself.

Spike is entranced by the floppy horn.

Pinkie Pie takes the opportunity to feel up Rarity.

Applejack’s first idea is a bit and reins for her friend. Not even asking first. Apparently farmponies can ride other ponies if they have to.

Zecora’s house, the biggest nexus of stereotype cliche around.

Hee. Flutterguy does Pinkie’s song. With an unhappy expression.

Okay, still being a little creepy Zecora.

First her house is wrecked, now a tiny pony is wrestling her ear. Zecora is so confused right now.

“What in Ponyville is going on here?” Yep, the town’s name is used in expressions of confusion. Sounds right.

Sorry Twilight, the wobbly horn noises kill any chance of you being taken seriously.

Never doubt the power of a book Twilight!

Hee. Rainbow Dash still has the reins on.

Hey! Trixie is in the foreground! And the background! She’s apparently quadruplets! Only two Bon Bons though.

Nice short episode. Just moves at a brisk pace from start to end, giving everypony a moment or two in turn. Plus snarky Twilight and tiny Applejack. 5/5


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2 responses to “Watching Episodes #09

  1. Logan

    March 9, 2015 at 11:52 am

    Part of that backlog’s my fault for reviewing 12 stories this time round! I promise that isn’t going to become a regular occurrence. šŸ™‚

    • Griffin

      March 10, 2015 at 10:47 pm

      Nah. 12 stories isn’t even 10% of my backlog at the moment.


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