Watching Episodes #10

12 Mar

Episode #10 swarm of the century

For some reason I really like the title for this one.

Why is Fluttershy gathering flowers for Princess Celestia? Are they dating? Probably not. Don’t remember if the princess shows up in upcoming episodes.

Wait, given pegasus control of weather, you think Fluttershy made that gust of wind? The animals of the forest do their best to keep her happy. She really is a Disney princess. !an, I should watch Enchanted again sometime.

Fluttershy is really easy to startle. Wonder if that’s actually just a survival tactic living away from town next to the Everfree forest.

The parasprite is a neat design and they did cute chriping sound perfectly.

A small unknown creature that can instantly eat ten times its mass in food, and sounds like a buzzsaw when eating, no need for concern. You’d think ponies would be more resistant to cute based influence. Maybe they just aren’t used to being on the receiving end.

Right, right, Princess Celestia shows up at the end of the episode. Aldo, snarky Spike is best Spike.

Nothing casual about a visit from royalty! Twilight, relax. Or at least try to help instead of complain and dusting. When Spike falls off a ladder and a pile of books is on top of him, either ask if he’s okay or pick up the books. Don’t just dust the pile and then comment about how little of the mess he has picked up.

Is this was going to be a casual visit, why is the entire town dressing itself up more than it did for the Summer Sun Celebration? Either Spike was mistaken or Twilight convinced the entire town to go crazy. I bet its the latter.

What the heck is Lyra doing? Praying to those flowers? Minuette is arranging that ribbon like a boss. Whereas pink pony with cherry cutie mark is not happy on rake duty.

I have limited sympathy for Berry Punch and Carrot Top here. I mean, would you put up a sign “Welcome President Oba” ?

That entrance is probably the best Fluttershy shy moment.

Wait, we see how they multiply later. How did she miss the retching and hacking sounds right next to her ear?

This, by the way, was where I realized the problem. When three of them popped up.

Okay, the trombone comment was weird, but they completely ignore the fact that she knows what they are! At no point do they ever think about this. Which is why the Lunaverse story version was much better.

Rarity fitting Rainbow Dash for an over the top fancy outfit with huge tall wig/headdress. Gotta wonder how that happened. Great moment between the two though.

You’d think Twilight would notice a problem with a creature that triples numbers every ten minutes.

Ignoring your friends. A common theme of the show, but this episode its actually the plot!

Twilight has a double horseshoe on her wall. Is random horse accessories a fashion thing? Or if it’s a cutie mark is that like having one of those Einstein posters on your wall?

The increased snoring when morning comes is a really nice touch.

Most of them are just messing around, but that parasprite in the foreground is totally being mean on purpose. Evil grin. Also, they are really strong.

The duster is not being helpful, Twilight. Though it actually accomplished something this time.

Rainbow Dash’s house is really impressive.

Rainbow Dash is not a huggy pony.

Rarity, mistress of taming and training small assistants. She’s the only one that actually handled the swarm well. Though one wonders how she got so many without seeing how they multiply.

Vomit based reproduction. Gotta wonder how that came about.

And a banjo is the only answer! So many good Pinkie Pie lines this episode. Rarity demonstrates her mastery of the eye roll.

Fluttershy knows everything about animals! Except she’s never seen these before, and Pinkie Pie knows them on sight.

Beseeching is a good word.

Twilight has a very odd imagination. Also not a high opinion of the royal guards apparently. More evidence for my theory that Princess Celestia is a neat freak. Why else would a pony who fought Discord scream like a little filly at a swarm of adorable bugs touching her?

Applejack is immune to cute. She has no problem sending cute little critters into the Everfree forest on her friend’s say so.

Amusing that there is no actual physical contact when herding the critters.

You’d think Fluttershy would be used to hoof slaps from Rainbow Dash by now.

How was there any food left in Fluttershy’s house to make that many of them?

Applejack’s hat popping off is just brilliant.

Three of them under a hat can drag Applejack across the ground. Very strong little bug things.

Time to take out the adorable trash.

Hey, its the cover image of that one fanfic by Chris.

Lyra and Bon Bon having lunch together. With Lyra in tears over the loss of her cake. It was one slice, that’s as many as one ones. And that’s terrible.

Twilight once again proving she is ridiculously overpowered. Also that she doesn’t think things through.

Rarity realizing what this means. Everypony for herself!

Rarity’s worst nightmare. A bug that eats dresses and reproduced with vomit.

The carrot farm next door seems a little less grand. Also, there goes the Apple homestead.

Licking and slurping the words out of the books is a nice touch.

Zecora doing her ninja training. She one day hopes that a piny will politely knock on her door instead of bursting in.

Zecora has heard tales of these parasprites! Our strongest lead yet! Except for, you know, that one pink pony that knew them instantly as if she had actually encountered them personally before.

Okay, I can accept the guards moving their legs while flying. But why does it make a galloping sound? I guess Princess Celestia doesn’t worry about her mane and/or tasil getting caught in the wheel. Benefits to having ethereal hair I guess.

Twilight, even the townsfolk in Blazing Saddles needed a full night to build a duplicate of their town.

I love the determined expression on Pinkie’s face while she plays. Also love Princess Celestia’s confused expression as the ‘parade’ goes past.

Nothing phases the royal guard.

Huh. Never noticed that there are sparkles around of Princess Celestia’s horn.

For a certain definition of “saved Ponyville”.

That’s why she needed the trombone!

This was the episode I came up with my theory that Pinkie is an eccentric billionaire. Like the noble of old that would go out on safari to see strange exotic creatures.

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