Pony Stories 360

16 Mar

Yes, a review post for every degree on the dial. Also… Yesterday when I said I was caught up on the list, I of course meant that I was caught up _except_ for like 140 of PresentPerfect’s reviews. Look, the only way I’m ever going to catch up with his number on the list is by cheating. Not counting most of his short story collection reviews was a good start, and catching up on adding my reviews to the list and not his helps, but I’m still like 300 reviews behind. Which is going to be something like 450 reviews behind once I get finished with his 50-story Reccing Rec Recs Edition! post and both of his MMDG posts.

Be amazed as I add reviews to the list so fast that I’m done before I even begin! Or, you know, I forgot to delete the bookmark when I finished up the Reccing Recs post last time. I like the idea of being so efficient that my productivity dilates time. Hmm… Well, have an exact number for the discrepancy between the big master review list and his review counts. His 1900th review is actually only 1830th on the list. Short story collection chapters that aren’t counted are another 35. So, theoretically, I’m missing 35 of his reviews somewhere. Oh well. They’ll show up eventually, or won’t and none of us will notice.

Big Master Review List stats: Total Authors: [2066], Total Stories [4664], Total Reviews: [7312]

  • Pony Up A Tree by Estee
  • Frequency by PaulAsaran
  • Keeping My Word by Rinnaul

Pony Up A Tree by Estee

Fun story. Excellent Rarity piece. Not really a character study, simply a story where Rarity is the viewpoint character and nothing else intrudes on her reactions to the situation. A not longer than I expected, but in a good way. At no point did it feel slow or padded.

Frequency by PaulAsaran

Really liked this one. Got me emotionally anyway, and that’s fairly rare. Found myself avoiding the story a bit on the sad bits because they were sad and I wanted them to be over. Which wasn’t many, two or three really. Likewise, the ending is still rolling around in my head. Has a romance handled pretty well too, not just shipping here but actual romance. Kinda anyway. Better than the vast majority of shipping fanfics at the very least, plus the romance isn’t even the primary focus. Call it the secondary focus.

Keeping My Word by Rinnaul

Fluffy two scene Applejack and Rarity story. Functional, short, but not amazing or anything.


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4 responses to “Pony Stories 360

  1. PaulAsaran

    March 16, 2015 at 6:12 pm

    My story is really liked! I can die happy now.

    Oh, wait, no, not until I finish my LunaTavia ship, the one actually trying to be something akin to a romance. Still, glad you approve of the romantic bits of Frequency.

    • Griffin

      March 16, 2015 at 7:01 pm

      Wait, you can’t die happy until you’ve atoned for the ending! Also Luna and Octavia us a fun ship. Now I’m looking forward to that one.

      • PaulAsaran

        March 16, 2015 at 8:40 pm

        Atoned for the ending? Seriously? Have you read my Them-verse stories? No no, even better: Twilight’s Inferno! After the crap that went down in that story all by itself, I think I may never atone for my sins.

        The Gentle Nights: Audience of One has another… 6 or 7 chapters to go, I think. Mayhap you will enjoy it, for I’m trying to avoid a lot of the unrealistic elements of the common ship.

      • Griffin

        March 17, 2015 at 3:19 am

        Slight spoilers if you haven’t read frequency:

        Hey, I’m all for depressing endings/stories. The atonement is for making me think the opposite was going to happen at the end, then *wham* the actual ending happened. Them-verse I wasn’t ever expecting anything except the utter crushing despair I got.


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