Pony Stories 363

19 Mar

Going to make a big effort to put more of my old reviews up over on FimFiction. So probably going to be something of a tsunami of posts over there. Even if I did ten posts a day, rough calculations are that it would still take a month to update. Not that I’d be able to maintain that, but probably going to try to do a few ten-post days over the next week or two. For anyone who finds them amusing, I will probably be putting the rambly episode watching post on Friday. It’ll be Winter Wrap-Up, so probably just me saying how much I enjoy the song and manual weather control.

  • See White by AcreuBall
  • Infinite by The DJ Rainbow Dash
  • Calling You by AugieDog

See White by AcreuBall

Fluffy shipping goodness. Plus the unusual pairing is pretty neat.

Infinite by The DJ Rainbow Dash

Simple, just a single scene of conversation between Dash and Twilight as marefriends. Good premise with okay writing. Not inspiring or anything sadly.

Calling You by AugieDog

Gonna have to do this in two parts. Couple of comments need (slight) spoilers. So, this is the non spoiler bit. The story has lots of interesting bits, some cool worldbuilding, and a fairly unique look at Princess Cadance and her place as an alicorn princess. I still prefer Skywriter’s version, with Ancient Heart’s First Beating as second, but this Princess Cadance is certainly in third place.

Okay, spoilers now. Sorta anyway. They aren’t big end-of-story spoilers or anything, they are in the first chapter or two of the story. But it’s still something I think a reader should go in not knowing.

A very interesting origin story for the changelings. Not to mention an interesting look at Queen Chrysalis immortality. A few things I’d nitpick and argue about, both at a worldbuilding level and how the characters fit into the show. All in all it is a really good story. Though the ending, while good, had bits I’d argue against. Basically I would have liked the same ending outcome, just executed differently.

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