Non-pony Review Tuesday #2

31 Mar

Today I’m gonna ramble about a few ebooks I grabbed samples of from Amazon. First 5% of the book or something like that? Trying to mix a bit of non-pony stuff into my reading material lately.

Lords of War (Star Crusades: Mercenaries Book 1) by Michael G. Thomas

On the plus side, unlike the last military SciFi I tried, this wasn’t shallow and cliche. On the other hand, the writing is very poor. Too explainy and more than once I literally had no idea who was talking or who they were talking too. In one case I didn’t even know what they were talking about. So, not recommended.

Hive by Tim Curran

This is how to do the start of a lovecraftian story. The prose is just the right tone and gives a sense of impending …something. I plan to get the whole story next time I’ve got spending money, so the sample worked. I suspect that the overall story will suffer from pacing troubles, but that’s just a guess based on how long it is and not quite sure the premise can be stretched over that and have stuff for a sequel, which I know there is.

Singularity by Joe Hart

Well, the first chapter/prologue had my attention. Two chapters later I’m bored and uninterested again. Not sure if I’ll try the full thing or not. I want to see how the stuff it started with turns out, but I don’t want to sit through half of a normal investigation story to get there.

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