Pony Stories 375

03 Apr

More pony reviews. Probably more tomorrow as well, if you can believe that. Plus I have high hopes for even more productivity tomorrow now that I’ve got a proper sit-down computer setup again. The standing desk just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

  • The Art of Eclipse Engineering by Pineta
  • Protect by Lord Destrustor
  • Duet in the Folk Style by Pascoite

The Art of Eclipse Engineering by Pineta

Another one of his stories that needs to be turned into a little five minute short animation. The scene of Celestia and Luna orbiting around Cheerliee on the classroom to demonstrate the phases of the moon would be wonderful. This isn’t quite as well written as the others, but was still quite enjoyable. Not to mention I always like sweet royal sister bonding moments. This has that, plus characterizes both of them extremely well in the short amount of space allowed for character development.

Protect by Lord Destrustor

Fairly good. Pretty good for a second person perspective story, especially. I do have to wonder about some of the details of it through. A magic golem for protecting ponies? Sounds cool, but it doesn’t actually have anything useful built in. I mean the village it defends actually builds it a weapon to use. Being strong and tough and tireless is great for, say, construction work, but its actually less useful for combat. Just seems a unicorn that could create one of those could figure out how to put at least one basic spell, or even just sharp wings to use as weapons. Make it a proper golem alicorn instead of a big metal unicorn. Still, even with the conceptual plot holes, I enjoyed this one.

Duet in the Folk Style by Pascoite

I went into this story braced for the sad tag. Then pretty much the whole story, except one or two bits, was happy and upward so I figured the sad tag was just mislabeled. Then it totally earned it. Not in a horrible way, and not out of the blue either. Just a bit gut wrenching for me near the end. Though the epilogue has a upward hopeful tone to it. Still, the ending chapter was honestly hard for me to read. Story filled me with all the emotion and then zapped all of it in the final bits. So, would highly recommend this story as I do pretty much all of the ones that get a strong emotional reaction from me. It happens so rarely after all. Makes a big change from all the fluffy shippyfics I’ve been churning through lately. This one is romance instead of shipping, in my opinion? Though it spends a minimal amount of time building the relationship up.

On a completely different point, the use of synesthesia always reminds me of a hilarious moment in an anime I watched a while back. It wasn’t supposed to be funny, the show is a serious action piece, but it was just so silly. The main character hacks an electronic door with her hyper-synesthesia.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 375

  1. Pascoite Fics

    April 6, 2015 at 1:32 pm

    This was only story where I spent much time in the author’s notes talking about my thoughts on what I’d written. As I said in there, I have the same issue as you: chapter 6 is hard for me to read, because I’d spent so much time investing myself in the characters. In fact, I can’t read that chapter.

    I’m not surprised at the voting on this one, if only because everyone wants a happy ending, and real life doesn’t work that way. I did get a couple of complaints i didn’t expect. For one, I expressly made this something that didn’t pull the common trick of just cramming two characters together and asking the audience to invent their own reasons to care. In stead of just saying “Twilight and Dash really love each other, so just take my word for it,” I tried to give these two a real reason to have an interest in each other: she’s fascinated he can experience music that way, and he’d never seen its full effects until she introduced him to the kinds of complex music she enjoys, so they become close while exploring and learning about that together. Yet I still got a couple of people who said it relied on that usual unjustified instant-shipping. So I guess it just didn’t connect with folks that universally.

    Same with the ending. The detractors said it was wedged in just for the sake of sad, whereas it had been the plan all along. This one I can understand more, if only because things like that just often click or not with a reader. And if it doesn’t click, it feels like the justification isn’t there, or the mental picture of the characters isn’t there such that it would turn out this way. maybe it’s a result of being too close to the story, maybe it’s just an inevitability. Probably some of both. but the reviewing help I got for it, whom I’ve come to trust to give me honest opinions, didn’t have any of these problems, so I figured it was good to go.

    • Griffin

      April 6, 2015 at 2:03 pm

      I thought everything fit together quite well. Everything pretty much proceeded logically from the events previous. Anyone who says it’s just instant shipping or a sad ending just to be sad apparently was reading some other story, because you put all the reasons for stuff in there.

      As for the ending, I’m just something of a romantic. At least for fictional romance stories. So I never like to read stories where the characters in love just give up on the relationship. I get that it’s more realistic and that both characters had fulfilling lives (more or less) even without the romance, but I still don’t like it.


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