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06 Apr

So, the new master list rankings. The latest Badfic Slaughterhouse by Prak has pushed him past The Royal Guard. Whereas The Pleasant Commentator and Review Group! almost went up in the rankings, but was stopped by John Perry emerging from review retirement to defend his spot on the list! What excitemen…zzzzzz… Wha, huh, I’m awake! Sleep, my eternal nemesis. Also just passed having 7700 reviews linked on the list, and I still have a few more review posts to get through and link. Might even get to the 4900 stories on the list by the time I’ve finished catching up.

Big Master Review List stats: Total Authors: [2147], Total Stories [4882], Total Reviews: [7701]

Because I’m all caught up and feeling good enough to actually link reviews as they come out, some fun meaningless statistics from the list. Today I prove which princess is best through the hard science of arbitrary numbers. Celestia: 49, Luna: 69, Cadance: 3, Cadence: 5, Twilight: 168 /Twilight Sparkle: 56. That’s how many times each name comes up on the big master review list. Huh. Luna is precisely 50% more popular than Celestia. That’s kind of a neat matchup.

  • Bastion by Cloud Hop
  • Tired by Ebon Mane
  • Rum Punch by Cola_Bubble_Gum

Bastion by Cloud Hop

A nice little vignette. Plus just a touch of worldbuilding goodness. The position of Princess Celestia’s personal guard is neat. A more comprehensive version of the one that was in (A Wake of Mist and Flame). Not to mention a good explanation as to why Princess Celestia might need a personal bodyguard.

Tired by Ebon Mane

A very well written story. I think the depiction of the old mane six is a little more realistic than I prefer, but its just pulled off so well I can’t fault it any. What we see of their lives works wonderfully and the story doesn’t show anything not needed for context to Pinkie’s thoughts. Also a good example of how to use telling instead of showing in a story.

Rum Punch by Cola_Bubble_Gum

I enjoyed this. Sweet and slow paced. Actually was a bit like the romance bits of Diamond Tiara of The Royal Guard, which I enjoyed even though they were such a teeny-tiny bit of that story.

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