Pony Stories 380

08 Apr

No episode watching, but I do have cute picture I found on the interwebs and wanted to share. Luna’s shirt is my favorite part. If I had a time machine actually making those and selling them for the premiere would have been cool.

  • Temporary Measures by ambion
  • Nope by Hoof and Quill
  • An Extended Performance by Jordan179


(if you don’t want to click through and can’t read the tiny image text, her shirt says: I survived the hiatus)

Temporary Measures by ambion

A good Twilight dealing with the loss of the library story. Had some interesting bits, the descriptions of the castle from Twilight’s perspective were nicely done.

Nope by Hoof and Quill

Fun short little story.

An Extended Performance by Jordan179

Some of it is just too modern. When Celestia thinks about fighting her sister, the terms are more suited to scifi or modern military than fantasy. Plus I have trouble seeing Celestia thinking about fighting her sister rather than redeeming and/or cleansing her. Besides, what good are bombers, tanks, or missiles against an avatar of the night? Just from what Nightmare Moon shows in the beginning episodes military equipment would be nearly useless against her. The ability to shapeshift and become smoke and craft either illusions or shadow minions.

I also felt like I was missing some bits as Celestia thought about her material body and cosmic form. As if I had missed some worldbuilding somewhere. Not huge, but it could have been blended in better. The whole scene is Princess Celestia doing “as you know, Bob” with herself. Which makes a bit of sense, going over all the what-ifs the night before her sister’s return. Just, as I mentioned, could have been a bit more smoothly done. Oh, was it, this is the same continuity as that short story I read a while back. Huh. That’s cool. I liked that one.

Also run into one of my personal annoyances. That the element bearers were planted in Ponyville. I don’t mind Twilight being groomed for her part, but I feel that the friendships and moment of igniting the elements of harmony is stronger if it is mostly naturally occurring.

Got more proof that my brain really is the product of old cartoons. It really wanted to read “May the Allfather protect and guide you” with Allspark in there instead.

I did like the idea that a lot of different cults of night were ready to welcome/cause/etc the return of Nightmare Moon and that Princess Celestia arranged the guard to deal with them. Is a good way to spread the danger further than the events of the show without overshadowing or undermining those canon events.

I also don’t like how Celestia runs away instead of being imprisoned.

Once finished with the story, my final reaction is that it is quite a good story with some flaws. Author tried to cram in too much stuff that probably seemed cool, but didn’t really help the narrative. Too much Nightmare Moon headcanon and not enough story. Still, too much cool stuff and interesting ideas is much better than not enough. Plus it had me wanting to comment on bits as I read, which hasn’t happened in a while. Going to have to read more stories in this particular version of pony to get a bit more of the worldbuilding pieces put together.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 380

  1. Present Perfect

    April 8, 2015 at 8:18 am

    Nope has a Fimfiction version, fyi, I updated my journal for it (or you can find TD’s review).

    • Griffin

      April 8, 2015 at 10:41 pm

      I decided to go with the one that justified putting it’s own entry on the big master review list.


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