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11 Apr

Finally saw the new episodes. Pretty good, though I didn’t enjoy the episodes as much as other people. I liked Chrysalis as a villain more, for instance. More random thoughts about the episodes down after the reviews, for any minor spoilers (maybe?).

  • Daring Do and the Dark Walk Home by Mindblower
  • Modern Medicine by GaPJaxie
  • Through the Looking-glass and What Pinkie Found There by Ponky

Daring Do and the Dark Walk Home by Mindblower

A very interesting version of Daring Do. Plus a very fun appearance of the pony that shows up at the end. Plus with a cliffhanger that makes me want to read more. So, somewhat recommended. Though there isn’t really a story here, just some character study and a teaser.

Modern Medicine by GaPJaxie

Hey, a story dealing with my favorite subject and what I’ve come to realize is my religion. Written by a very good author as well. So enjoyed this and figured out what was going on early in the story. Was a good thought experiment and watching Twilight’s reactions to her future self was the best part. What happens when you can’t stand the person you become, but can see every step it takes to get there and can’t argue against any of them? Though some if that is just me extrapolating. A good example of how to write an effective transhumanist (transponyist?) short story.

Through the Looking-glass and What Pinkie Found There by Ponky

Not quite as good as sisters do. I totally sympathized with Twilight for almost all of this. Explaining things is not as hard as Pinkie makes it out to be. Plus the end happens right before the good stuff. So, interesting story but a bit frustrating and disappointing for me personally.

Continued new episode thoughts:

However, my favorite reaction is Twilight Sparkle easily blocking the cutie-zap spell the second time. That perfectly fits with how I see her. Alicorn princess whose special talent is magic? Of course she can take apart and block a spell she’s seen/felt once. Oh, and it was so cute how happy Twilight was that someone noticed her alicorn status without prompting.

Oh, and Rarity weakly pawing at the door when they are trying to get into the house was hilarious. Especially right after Applejack trying to kick the door in. Even without cutie marks, Applejack and Rarity are so very different. Even if they got converted and joined the town, they would still argue from time to time. So the place was doomed from the moment the mane six showed up. Nothing can stop the bickering of those two.

I also half-suspect that Spike was doing his bit a bit over the top just to get Fluttershy to go with the rest of them. Either Twilight put him up to it, or he just wanted some time at the library without the mane six hijinks. Huh. Maybe he just likes it when Twilight goes off on adventures because then he isn’t drafted into the physical labor of reshelving the entire library twice a day. Was a little disappointed in the magic staff. Saw it and immediately thought it would be cool if it was used to draw the equal sign over a cutie mark. Hold the pony down and drag the two tips of the staff across the cutie mark, putting the equal sign there and erasing the cutie mark at the same time.

So, losing your cutie mark makes you a bit faded out. A less extreme version of what happens when Tirek drinks your power. Which makes you lose your cutie mark if memory serves. Did he visit this town? It’s obviously been around for a while. Do the equal ponies have any magic left for him to drain? Hmm….

Also, got to wonder what the town was like before she showed up? Was it just a town of tension and complaining? Or did she build it one pony at a time over years? Because it’s been there for a while.

Also, seriously no one else mentions the best line in the entire season premiere? Fluttershy: “I can’t understand the tweets!”

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