Non-pony reviews, again

12 Apr

Huh. I seem to have run out of the backlog of pony fan fiction reviews. Thought I had another half-dozen or so. Might have to see if I put them in some other text file. So you get the two little mainstream fiction reviews I’ve got. The first is my reaction to another kindle sample I grabbed, and the second is my re-read of the original Stainless Steel Rat book.

The Six-Gun Tarot by R. S. Belcher

Kind of cliche writing style, but not to an excessive degree once things got going. Of course I thought that the first story of Graves was excessively cliche, so my tolerance for that is probably way too high. I’m interested in reading more of the story, but I don’t have much hope it will be really good. Another instance of a cool premise trumping lackluster execution. At least seems so from just the sample I read.

The Stainless Steel Rat by Harry Harrison

Just as fun to read this time as it was way back when I read it previously. It’s been a long while. The Iridescent Iron Rat is basically a rewrite of the first act of this, with pony stuff swapped in obviously. The writing is… How best to put it. Rough, but quick and clever. It lacks some of the polish a lot of more modern stories have, but is just a fun ride to follow along as it goes. It’s also got the fun feature of a science fiction story written before the digital age. Punch-card computers were mentioned once. Robots and ship auto-pilots need tape instructions to run. Compared to the first lensman story, this one provides and interesting middle ground. It’s got a lot of the older style of ultra-compentant hero that the old pulp stories had, but the main character has flaws and makes mistakes. Which pretty much never happened in the older adventure stories. This is still a book I’d recommend for anyone looking for a fun classic to read. Though I’d be much more likely to suggest The Iridescent Iron Rat for anyone in the pony fandom instead. It’s pretty much the same thing, and if you like that there is a very high chance you’ll like the Stainless Steel Rat books.

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