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18 Apr

Recently watched the Disney movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Well, re-watched it anyway. Still holds up as a good movie.

  • A Moment in the Sun by Chengar Qordath
  • The Freeport Venture by Chengar Qordath

A Moment in the Sun by Chengar Qordath

Pretty good backstory for Sunset Shimmer. Just three scenes that do a great job of painting her life. Plus some bits of worldbuilding goodness here and there. This author is very good at slipping worldbuilding into a story without it becoming the focus. I’m not entirely sure how he’s going to connect the end of this to Equestria Girls, but looking for to the sequel. Ever since it got mentioned in one of his other stories I’ve wanted to know more about Freeport.

The Freeport Venture by Chengar Qordath

Hmmm. This is a good action story. Good characters, interesting situations, cool magic worldbuilding with golems. Lots of good stuff. A well written main character that I just want to smack sense into with a sledgehammer. My only complaint is that it doesn’t really fit to have Sunset Shimmer as the main character. I get the logic behind it. Needs to be a student of Princess Celestia. Lot of the character building and emotional drama require that particular backstory. Just… Could have just created a new student.

I mean, it would even make more sense in a lot of ways to have it a student that Princess Celestia is training at a time a bit closer to the Nightmare Moon events. She mentions her sister in passing and knowledge of it is at least around, if not common. Would work well with making Princess Celestia’s emotional wounds more raw, giving her reactions and decisions more weight. I’ve read two really good stories (one being Siren Song by GaPJaxie)  that went that route and it can lead to both interesting characters and character building for the Princess. Buuut… That’s really just backseat writing. Like I said, I can see why the author went with Sunset Shimmer. I would just consider this straight up Alternate Universe and not connect it to Equestria Girls in any fashion. Make it something like she went to Freeport instead of going through the mirror.

I’d recommend this one, it was pretty good. Just be warned the main character is one of those arrogant characters that continues to make very poor decisions over and over again.

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