Pony Stories 389

19 Apr

All the fan fiction titles start blurring together when I go through all the ones I’ve read over and over. Once for the list, once for the posts on FimFiction, and another time now that I’m going through those posts cleaning things up. I might have, I know this sounds crazy, but I just might have read a little too much pony fan fiction over the last year or so.

….nah. Time to go read the new Aragon fic after I do more recreational data entry.

Big Master Review List stats: Authors: [2175], Stories [4969], Total Reviews: [7877] – Only 30 or so stories to go!

  • Maud Pie Becomes an Alicorn Princess by Smoker
  • Festival of Lights by Cascadejackal

Maud Pie Becomes an Alicorn Princess by Smoker

Not a story to be taken seriously. One chapter has a author’s note at the start saying it’s a bit crackfic-y, and its pretty much indistinguishable from the other chapters. I liked the uninteresting adventures of Maud and Boulder better, but this had a few amusing moments. Though I didn’t finish this. Just was played too straight, making it feel badly written instead of silly and ridiculous.

Festival of Lights by Cascadejackal

Okay, really bouncy-happy young chrysalis wanting to help her mom decorate for a holiday is an adorable mental image. Some interesting worldbuilding and the writing is pretty good. Just… Not sure it fits the changelings all that well. Maybe just too many other changeling stories have fixed a particular version of them. Still, I’d certainly recommend this one with only a minor caution. Not a whole lot of pony, though it does have at least one reference to previous generations of the show. Just kinda is a stand alone that would fairly easily be originasl fiction.

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