Watching episodes #13

26 Apr

Annoying that my amazon season pass doesn’t get me the episodes of MLP until four or five days later. So torrents and youtube to the rescue! Mostly so I don’t have to avoid all the posts of people talking about it for a couple of days. Because I want to read them, but only after I’ve seen the episode myself, and trying to go back a few days through the feed on fimfiction is annoying.

Anyway, episode. Favorite part? The who’s on first sequence with Clear Skies and Open Skies. Also, Rainbow Dash was pretty much just trying to stop winter in her own town. Not like she was trying to destroy all of winter entirely. She just gets carried away and doesn’t think her actions through. See: selling her friend Fluttershy into slavery for a book. Though I think it would have been easier just to have whoever made the flying gadget to make a magic heating coat. It’s the cold that’s doing it after all.

Today we’ve got a Applejack vs Rainbow Dash episodes. Iron ponies and leaf racing. Episode begins!

For some reason I find the idea of the two of them playing horseshoes completely normal.

Applejack has the best unamused expression.

Spike really, really wants to be an announcer. Have we ever even seen a radio in Equestria? Not sure where he would, oh, like Wonderbolt events and the like I guess.

Applejack is sitting by the tree normally in the first swing of this shot, then while Rainbow Dash does the strength test she must lean back against the tree and tilt her had forward. Apparently just to give Rainbow Dash a lazy tilt-hat-back greeting when RD comes over after her turn.

Also, apparently RD has never seen how powerful AJ’s kicks are up close.

Fluttershy seems to really enjoy being the score card gal.

Who keeps putting Spike in these hats for the events?

Ball-bouncing, Rainbow Dash’s real passion.

Hordes of cute Pegasus maidens shower the winner of each event with roses. Roseluck (or whoever sells flowers) must be making a mint selling those.

At the half time pause a good amount of the town has shown up, which was done in a well done gradual fashion, and now are doing acrobatic stunts for the halftime show!

Yeah, using those wings on the first two events is totally cheating. The chick carrying is just using good tactics. You just did poorly on that one AJ.

Wonder if they just had the Rainbow Dash banner cloth laying around, Pinkie Pie provided it, or RD brought it in the assumption of her victory.

The close-in glare shot with the two of them when RD sticks out her tone is so silly and fun.

Twilight getting fascinated by a butterfly on the way to the run. She really does need a keeper sometimes.

Starting line-up is misc blue pony, Berry Punch, Carrot Top, and a Bon Bon. The watching crowd includes two Pokeys, Ditzy Doo, two Lyras, two Colgates, a Bon Bon, and a Carrot Top. Not as much repetition as usual for Ponyville crowd scenes.

Hee. Twilight’s race number is 42. Other numbers visible are: AJ 8, RD 11, 81, and 8_.

In my top five favorite Rainbow Dash moments in the entire series is the eye muscles joke. Specifically when she’s on the ground laughing and all you can see is the hoof pointing up towards Twilight’s eyes and RD breathlessly repeats “eye muscles”. It’s funny and such an Rainbow Dash thing to do to point out her own joke.

Carrot Top’s number is 00, or perhaps the infinity sign .

Ponyville Tradition. Hmm. Guess Canterlot just uses magic like they apparently do for Winter Wrap-Up.

Spike is now stuck trying to keep up with Pinkie Pie as a co-announcter. Poor, poor Spike.

Amuses me the balloon is following the racers. Which means they are basically just announcing AJ and RD’s actions to… AJ and RD.

Twilight Sparkle, enjoying a brisk nature walk.

“Why would Applejack take some poor kitty’s PJs?”

Twilight’s taking it easy, but she doesn’t seem to be losing any ground to the main group. Always the same length behind everypony.

Rainbow Dash is a poor winner and a poor loser. Also very ready to cheat at the slightest provocation.

Not that Applejack is very resistant to cheating herself. The attempt with the bees backfired though. Also shows that Equestria’s bees know they punctuation.

Changing the sign. Classic old-school cartoon tactics. Also quite mean. Every time I see that shot I wonder why Applejack doesn’t know the route by heart. Does it change each year? The rest of the group didn’t seem to need the sign to know which way to go. Rainbow Dash was covering it up when they went past.

Hee. Horse noises for sudden emotions. One of the reasons I like this show.

Heehee. Swashbuckling Applejack.

So many maple buckets. Wonder which ponies take care of those.

Fight cloud! One of the Rainbow Dash heads that pokes out has a smile. The mare must like a good wrassle.

Boom! Sudden Princess Celestia out of nowhere.

Fall is one of her favorite seasons. Hmmm….

Shaking down leaves. Is autumn in Equestria a mob protection racket?

All in all, a pretty good episodes.Good pacing, tightly focused. I’d give it 4/5 on my personal scale.

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