Pony Stories 405

07 May

Went to a special screening of The Last Unicorn last night with a group. Was fun, mostly. Waiting in line for nearly three hours to get to the merchandise and author of the original book was not the high point of the evening. Still, I got a Heavenly Nostrils comic book (graphic novel) out of it, so score! I’ve got something of a weird reaction to that movie. When I was little I went through a period where I loved that movie. Watching it was a fairly regular event, sometimes more than once a week. These days, after a period of not seeing it for probably two decades, I’m at that point where I’m not sure I like it. It has a lot of things I enjoy in it, but also a lot of it bugs me. On the other hand, it absolutely is a gorgeous work of art. Especially visually. The version shown at the movie theater we saw it in was the ultra-deluxe high definition remastering and it looked gorgeous.

  • Tiny Wings by DeadParrot222
  • The Twilight Hours by mr maximus
  • Guiding Light by archonix

Tiny Wings by DeadParrot222

Another one I didn’t finish. Scootaloo was just a bit too cartoony for my tastes and Rainbow Dash was just a little too shallow. The writing was just a bit rough as well. If I was in a better mood I’d probably keep going. But I’m not, so I didn’t. Recommended for hardcore Scootaloo and big sister Dash fans only, I expect.

The Twilight Hours by mr maximus

The second story I’ve read about Twilight teaching one of the two older siblings to read. Last one was Big Mac, this time its Applejack. Both had about the same setup. Though Big Mac had a slightly more believable reason to still be illiterate. Was a good story with good characterizations of the mane six that showed up in the story.

Guiding Light by archonix

Really enjoyed this one. Was sweet and touching and sincere, with the emotions presented strongly but without being overwhelming or blatant. I’m sad that the sequel isn’t finished yet because I’d love to read it. Even though this story is pretty self-contained. There are enough hints at things that happen afterward that I’d like to read about them. Highly recommended.


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