Pony Stories 413

15 May

So, watching an anime called World Trigger. It’s been fun. Also a bit wacky since I’m pretty sure the team making it doesn’t know what they are doing. Not in a quality fashion, like they don’t know how to animate or write. In a more thematic fashion, like none of them have ever done a whole show or something and are just trying to fake it until someone figures it out. The show has been changing genres and focus every six episodes or so. Started out as monsters from another dimension with our heroes having superpowers. Then we had a training and tournament show for a couple of episodes, then laser sword battles and conspiracies and infighting in the organization, then large scale alien invasion, now less superpowers and more urban warfare with guns against monsters. At the moment we are in whatever genre Dragonball Z defines. Built-up battles that last an episode, from the middle of one episode to the middle of the next. With soooo much talking and explaining between the battles. Like I said, it’s been wacky trying to follow along. It’s one I’d recommend checking out, but keep in mind that the tone of the first few episodes does not continue.

  • The Mare in the High Castle by ponichaeism
  • Three of Hearts by Anzel
  • A Change in Three Parts by GaPJaxie

The Mare in the High Castle by ponichaeism

Well, that was brutally sad and dark. I was really hoping for at least a optimistic ending if I couldn’t get a happy one. A story with a very vivid dystopia that had me nearly yelling at the characters in every scene because they were either stupid, ignorant, both, or just evil. It really did pull off a mirror image of the show in a lot if ways. Not a story to read if you want anything resembling warm or fuzzy feelings. Bad things happen, ponies do bad things for stupid reasons that end up doing horrible things to other ponies. Probably one of the more precise and accurately tagged stories I’ve run across. Oh, and I kind of wish that Princess Luna had showed up at some point. Though I understand why the author chose not to have her appear.

Three of Hearts by Anzel

Enjoyable slice of life. Not fluffy exactly, but perhaps a little generic. Avoids cliche though, which is good for a slice of life romance. Best type of slice of life in that its got interesting characters just having their lives going on. Could have more worldbuilding, but I can almost always say that. The story is very tightly focused on the main characters romance and so we don’t get much view into her job. Coworkers, the city, or anything. Which isn’t a bad thing since it isn’t feel cut down at any point. Just kind of wish it had been longer and included more of that stuff as well as more romance stuff. The ending is a bit abrupt in the “several months later” way.

A Change in Three Parts by GaPJaxie

Another good work from this author. Not really a story, more of just a tightly focused thought experiment. Another look at advancement and transhumanism. Or at least, advancement that involves fairly major physical self-improvement. Also an interesting alternative to experience harmony of the three tribes without becoming an alicorn.

It more or less looks at both sides, and neither side is painted as perfect. I did think that the arguments given by the five non-princess mane six were well matched with their characters. Well, except for maybe Rarity. Applejack is worried about tradition, Rainbow Dash points out that the researcher is hardly someone you want making important decisions that affect other people, Pinkie Pie thinks it’s just a cool trick that isn’t worth all the trouble it causes, Fluttershy is worried about who would get to take advantage of it and who wouldn’t.

On the other hand, the researcher in question counters with fairly surface-level responses to the arguments that show she doesn’t really have more than a shallow understanding. That she is so obsessed with sharing her discovery that she just finds a good argument against the objections without actually trying to solve them. Not that her arguments are wrong, exactly, but they are obviously picked to support the outcome she wants rather than being carefully considered responses.

It is also heavy on the allegory and light on the pony. It’s pretty much based on Equestria being a lot more like our world than I tend to view it. Still, I’d recommend this one if you like thought experiments and aren’t expecting a story.

Also, for the record, I’m on the side of the main character but I also think that she shouldn’t be involved in the decision about what to do with her discovery. Pinkie Pie had the worst argument, Fluttershy has a decent but short-sighted argument, Rainbow Dash has the best argument but hers isn’t about the discovery itself, Rarity has a good argument but is also a bit short-sighted, Applejack has a crummy argument but the main character just brushes it aside instead of actually dealing with it. I think Twilight’s proposed alternative was actually the best way to handle the situation. It solves the current short-term problems, and gives everypony time to figure out how to handle the rest without suppressing it entirely.

Basically I think the author did as good as you could with such a complex subject in such a short amount of words. The only two characters I wanted to smack upside the head was the main character who made the discovery and Pinkie Pie. Oh, and Twilight Sparkle once for commenting he could make some friends. He’s already got friends, or at least had some, and just needs to reconnect. Guess ‘make some friends’ is just her generic advice when she’s got nothing else to say.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 413

  1. Present Perfect

    May 15, 2015 at 6:21 pm

    You forgot to link to Jaxie’s story! :O Granted, I think most people have read it by now…

    • Griffin

      May 15, 2015 at 9:42 pm

      Sorry, I forgot not everyone has the advanced hyper-computer-brain enhancement that automatically links when they read stuff.


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