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19 May

So, I resumed watching an anime series called ALDNOAH.ZERO that is pretty awesome. Mostly because the main character’s superpower is paying attention and thinking logically. I mean, he uses common sense and logical tactics to destroy ultra-powerful combat robots over and over again. Like, giant mecha that are invincible to any weapon made by humans. He watches it for a bit, notices it’s always covering it’s face when attacked and goes… “Hey, I bet punching it in the face is it’s weak spot” then he does that, and it blows up. In one episode he hits a giant robot with a metal shipping container being swung by a crane. It’s one of the most hilarious moments I’ve ever seen in an anime because it’s out of nowhere. If you like scifi military giant robot shows, you should check it out. The whole thing is up on Crunchyroll.

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  • Forever Faithful by Konseiga
  • Stages by Bunnybooze79

Forever Faithful by Konseiga

That was dark. Pretty well executed though. Even a bit creepy, though not as much as A Flicker In The Dark. Same general ballpark though.

Stages by Bunnybooze79

This one is going to be a little choppier than usual. I took a few notes while I was reading instead of doing it all at the end after I finished.

I’m not sure reading Fire & Rain and then diving into what looks to be a generic Octavia and Vinyl shipfic is a good idea, but what the heck.

First chapter reveals another stumbling point. Going from Paul Asaran’s nuanced and interesting Octavia to a shallow cliche one is not a great start to this story.

Uses Los Pegasus as Vegas instead of L.A.

Does get better as the story goes. Adds interesting boots to the characters, fairly original ones. Writing is a bit rough, but if you meet the story halfway (maybe two-thirds) it is quite enjoyable. By the end I was actually invested in the characters. Not their romance, it’s a Octavia and Scratch shipping story, but in how the other stuff in their lives would go.

I found the happy ending to be sweet and satisfying, if a little too perfect. You can do a lot worse than this one if you want to read a musician shipping story.

Also had a cool holiday/event set in Canterlot that I quite liked. Was a cool semi-magic event that was come out to a park and see a cool sorta lightshow using fireflies. Certainly gonna go into the headcanon book.

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