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25 May

So, I’ve got The Rhythm Of The Dance by BlackRoseRaven on my read later list. Solely because of the title and thinking about Shining Armor’s line in Twilight Done! (I went to the Royal Balcony and danced until the power of Funk eventually solved everything.) and now I can’t help but think that this story is about Princess Cadance’s past as some kind of secret agent cabaret dancer and she has to go back into the world of bright lights and sparkly costumes to save Shining Armor with the power of Funk. I know anything in the actual story will be a disappointment compared to that mental picture. So it’s currently in the quantum bookpile. Where the books go when they could be awesome, but actually reading them would collapse the waveform.

Big Master Review List stats: Authors: [2219], Stories [5116], Total Reviews: [8221]

  • Love . Sick by KitsuneRisu
  • Days of Wasp and Spider by Luna-tic Scientist

Love . Sick by KitsuneRisu

Huh. That was dark. A lot darker than I had anticipated in fact. Part of that is the description. Most stories that have rhetorical questions like that in them, it implies that they will be answered in a expected way. Not so much here. It is a little lacking in context, but not to a objectionable degree.

Days of Wasp and Spider by Luna-tic Scientist

Really good science fiction story. I would put it in the same weight class as Friendship Is Optimal. It also sits in the bracket of only being semi-pony. It would lose very little if you replaced all the pony bits, but it works almost perfectly as a origin story for what we get in the show. The explanation of magic is done wonderfully and the SciFi concepts in the story are both interesting and nicely presented.

This is one of those stories that I want to say more about. There is just a lot of stuff in here you can poke at and think about. But, first off, I try to keep these reviews mostly spoiler-free as just a basic reaction. Two, I’m lazy and don’t want to go back through and find all the cool stuff to talk about because I didn’t write them down while I was reading. So I’ll just have to settle for highly recommending this one to anyone who likes scifi stories.

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