28 May

Saw Tomorrowland a few days ago. Visually very impressive. The audio design and soundtrack were wonderful, emphasizing things without being directly noticed. It would be a great movie if you just removed all the dialogue and plot and just made up your own as you watched the voiceless actors do things on screen. So, yeah, wait for it to come out for rent and watch it muted or something. So disappointing. Spoilers in the rant below the break.

The last movie that disappointed me this much was Transcendance, and I still hate that movie for how bad it was. Tomorrowland at least has some redeeming features.

God was the writing so terrible. Including a death scene at the end where the character is about to collapse, but reads from a 50 year old diary. Then collapses, then wakes up a bit later for one last goodbye. Plus nothing any of the characters do makes any kind of sense. Major plot points have no explanation, the main character is a plot device who acts surprised/scared/startled at pretty much everything that happens. Is supposed to be smart and optimistic and some kind of engineering genius, but we never see her actually display any of those traits. Except maybe optimism once or twice outside of really bad declarations that I think were supposed to be meaningful?

Oh, and the big bad turns out to be someone who took a prediction machine that was showing the world heading into disaster and decided to best way to stop it was to beam those predictions of disaster into the subconscious of all humanity hoping to shock them into building a better future. Which apparently turns the world into a apocalypse worshiping downward spiral that so disillusions the big bad that he seals off Tomorrowland so that whatever is going to happen won’t affect them. I mean, all he was doing was broadcasting negative emotions into everyone’s subconscious 24/7 and for some reason humanity started being less optimistic about the future! We must be beyond saving if we can’t keep our optimism in the face of relentless apocalyptic visions pounding at our deepest minds constantly for decades. I mean, what was he going to do? Figure out a way to broadcast happy things into our subconscious 24/7 to force optimism into all of us? Crazy talk!

Oh, and there is no reason to have the robots with ray guns chasing the characters through two-thirds of the movie. None whatsoever. Except that they wanted an action movie. There is some indications that the big bad has turned Tomorrowland into some kind of dictatorship, maybe a military one, but when they get over there no evidence backs this up. There is never an explanation as to why the mentor figure got exiled from Tomorrowland. Given that they sealed all the ways back, trying to kill him was just stupid because it forced him to try and find the one way they missed.

But I think my biggest annoyance is that for a movie based around invention and intelligence, not once did anyone invent, fix, or build something to solve a problem at any point. In fact, when you get right down to it the problem of the future-machine is destroyed by a combination of the human soul and fifty year old technology. Not even optimism comes into play! It’s blowing up a device that can see anything on earth and predict the future. Something that would be insanely useful for actually fixing the problems we have. Instead of finding an off switch to the broadcast unit, something that had to be added on afterward, they just blow the whole thing up because it “wasn’t meant to be invented” or something. Which kind of goes against the whole “invent and build whatever you can imagine” message.

But seriously, not a single problem or even a single scene is about inventing, building, or fixing things.

Oh, and even though the girl main character is built up as the person to solve the problem, it’s the male character’s job at the end to actually do the big problem-ending event. So our main character girl’s main role in the movie is to get really surprised and shocked at things, and stand around being cheerful. Yeah, that’s literally all she contributes to the movie. Surprise and non-active optimism.

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