Pony Stories 426

04 Jun

Actually got some writing done today. Which was neat, even if it was the only good thing that happened. It was one of those situations where I needed to write out the scene, but I knew that I’d end up rewriting the whole thing. So it was something of a struggle to keep going even though I knew pretty much nothing I put on the page would be actually used.

The Road Not Taken by levarien

I ended up liking this. Quality wise it could have been better, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying it. Mostly adventure, but some slice of life and romance. The various bits aren’t blended together as well as they could have been. A bit of adventure story there, a bit of romance there, slice of life in another p!ace without much blending together. The story isn’t broken up in chunks or anything. Just the general theme/genre of each bit.

It did run into an annoyance of mine. Involves time travel so we get duplicate characters for most of the story. Which are referred to by the exact same name most of the time. I kept up with it for the most part, until one set of them ended up in a dreamworld like place and one chapter was really confusing until I figured out the narration had moved to the other set of duplicates.

I will say the story had a decent future Twilight, and a good job portraying her bodyguard as somepony who has spent a long time at her side. The rest of the mane six not so much. The focus was so tight on Twilight that the future and not-future characters were basically the same.

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