Spring Cleaning

10 Jun

Yes, I know it’s actually summer. Details! Today is going to be a no-content fully self-serving post. So feel free to skip it and wait for the ponyfic review tomorrow. Just offering some books and comics if anyone feels like helping me clear off my shelves a bit.

Anyway, in the realm of video games. Anyone with a account want a free copy of SimCity™ 2000 Special Edition? Got one through their latest sale, but I already own it. So giving away the free code if anyone wants it. Free, or best offer.

In the realm of more physical media, and in the goal of reducing the amount of clutter I’ve got. Listed below are books, manga, dvds, etc. That I would love to get rid of. They could be yours for the low price of covering the shipping.

  • The Great Book of Amber: The Complete Amber Chronicles, 1-10 (Have two copies of this) (one of the classics of scifi/fantasy and one of my favorite series. Plus, you know, it’s Roger Zelazny)
  • Looper (movie dvd) (also have two copies of this) (pretty good the first time through, not so good on the rewatch)
  • Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking (likewise, two copies of this) (interesting book that I enjoyed very much)
  • Klingon Bird-Of-Prey Owner’s Workshop Manual (Star Trek fan book thingy, thin hardback. Not a story.)
  • Tena on S-String #1 (manga/comic. Haven’t read it, but the description on the back seems pretty cute and anime-y)
  • Negima! #1-3 (manga/comic, pretty much as anime as you can get without suffering brain damage)
  • Cat Girl Nuku Nuku (manga/comic, a classic)
  • Cannon God Exaxxion #1-2 (another manga/comic, scifi)
  • R.O.D Read or Die #1 & #3 (more manga/comic)
  • Spriggan (anime dvd. Cool scifi-ish action movie, but I’ve seen it too many times)
  • GTO Great Teacher Onizuka #2 (manga/comic, bilingual comic apparently. English in the word bubbles and Japanese on the edges of the comic panels)

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3 responses to “Spring Cleaning

  1. iisawiisaw

    June 10, 2015 at 2:23 pm

    I’d love the Social Engineering book! Do you do PayPal? I might as well snag one of the Amber chronicles while I’m at it.

    • Griffin

      June 10, 2015 at 11:42 pm

      Paypal would be preferred, yep. Though I’d need an address and probably not a good idea to put that in a blog comment section. Message me over on fimfc? Or would you prefer to use email?

      • iisawiisaw

        June 11, 2015 at 12:16 am

        I’ll message you!


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