Minecraft junk

18 Jun

Today is going to be just me showing off screenshots and a map of my years-old Minecraft world. This is a world that I’ve been messing around on pretty much since Minecraft first became a thing. Sometimes I wander away for a few months, once I think I didn’t touch Minecraft for a full year. Been wandering around off and on recently. Only one big project, but I like exploring. It’s been kind of fun to see each update’s new stuff appearing in areas as I expand outward.The map is huge, so I’ll put that down at the very bottom.

First up, I ran across this and had no idea they had put this in one of the updates. The blue stuff on the mountain is chunks of ice blocks. Was so cool to just be exploring and run into that.


Second, this one amused me. After a fight with two skeletons this is what I looked like. So many arrows.

Screenshot_8And now, for the map of the entire world. Was so awesome when I ran across a program that actually generates the entire map of a Minecraft world. To put it in some perspective, the file itself is 384 MB and measures 99728 x 13824. The little grey square with the lighter center part, near the middle of the map, is a huge pit that you can barely see across when you are actually in the game. Couldn’t put the full-sized map here, so this seems to be one pixel to 32 in-game squares or so.



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Posted by on June 18, 2015 in Video Game


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