New Reviewers 19: Red, White & Reviews

22 Jun

Got pointed to someone getting into the ponyfic reviews market. Another lost soul consumed by the endless tide. Today’s sacrifice to the ponyfic elder gods is Soap Box. The Big Master List should also be completely updated as of yesterday afternoon. No promises that I added any reviews that got posted after I got done adding my backlog.

His reviews, in chronological order:


And because I think that every ponyfic reviewer should have at least one good ponyfic of their own (which I’m totally in favor of now since I fall into that category), I went ahead and read his one completed story out of the three on FimFiction.

Symphonies Rock by Soap Box

Fun story with classic roommate Vinyl and Octavia. Doesn’t add anything to them, but if you like the characters you should give this one a read. I’d put this at about average in quality.

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Posted by on June 22, 2015 in Ponies, Reading 2015, Reviewers


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