Pony Stories 438

27 Jun

Do-it-yourself projects can be frustrating and hard when doing something you aren’t used to doing. Yet the satisfaction of finishing a project is really nice. In this case the project was creating my own whiteboard chore list type thing. Because as I found out, big whiteboards are crazy expensive once you get bigger than 2-3 feet wide. Yet you can get whiteboard material from a hardware store for cheap as heck. In this case, about ten bucks for a 2’x4′ section. That, some cheap edging so it looks at least a little nice, and some paint for the lines. Boom. Then I had to figure out how to do a lot of straight lines. Ended up just brute forcing the solution with a lot of frog tape, black paint, and a small paintbrush. Hopefully it will be as useful as I hope it will be in helping me be productive in my life.

Missed yesterday, so today going to give you three pony reviews. Down below the break.

  • The Motion of the Stars by Carabas
  • So…What Now? by MythrilMoth
  • Scootaloo’s Sunrise Surprise by MythrilMoth

The Motion of the Stars by Carabas

This was really good. Took me a bit to realize it was set in the same version of the world his other stories are set in. The best kind of continuity, subtle and not needing to read other stories to get the basic idea of things. Not sure I would classify this as a “proper” post apocalyptic story. Nah, just me splitting pedantic hairs on a vague definition in my head. Anyway, really good story.

So…What Now? by MythrilMoth

Mmmm, yummy slice of life goodness. Fluffy as heck. Just the days after the library tree was destroyed. Not adjusting, just dealing with stuff like getting the place decorated and showing Twilight’s family around Ponyville. It’s unfinished and on hiatus, but that doesn’t matter much for something like this. If you like fluffy no real conflict slice of life, this should be on your read later list. A good moment was Spike giving Twilight Sparkle a hug and saying it was really nice that she’s now immortal, because he was dreading outliving her.

Scootaloo’s Sunrise Surprise by MythrilMoth

Neat little story. Orphan Scootaloo rebuttal story. I think I enjoyed the one where her mom is Daring Do a little more, it being the same basic concept and all, but this was nicely done. Even has a bit extra mixed in aside from Scootaloo being from a rich and famous family.

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