Pony Stories 439

28 Jun

My favorite part of the Princess Spike episode? Gryphon as one of the delegates. Given that there was a team at the, um… Equestrian games? I think I forgot what the pony Olympics was called. Anyway, with the data points we’ve gotten I think we can say with some certainty (as much as guessing wildly about a children’s cartoon show anyway) that there is a settlement of Gryphons in the kingdom. It’s probably not gryphons living in pony cities in any great numbers. Several ponyville ponies had never seen one before, and Rarity commented that they were very rare. So probably a small town of them somewhere. If we hadn’t just seen Gilda’s home I would have said that’s where she’s from and why she got into Pegasus flight camp and all that. Then again… Did they actually say that she grew up there? Maybe after leaving Ponyville she wanted to leave Equestria completely because she was fed up with ponies and headed to the one all-gryphon kingdom she knew about. Probably read about it in books like Twilight did, and probably got incredibly disillusioned when she got there. Hmm… Not canon most likely, but could be a cool basis for a story.

Apple Turnovers by MythrilMoth

Another fanfic that’s been destroyed by canon. Not in the big obvious way, but by the fact that Twilight wouldn’t have to go to town hall to find family records for one of her friends. Because she’s got them already. Or maybe not, since they were probably in the tree when it went kablooey. Wonder if show Twilight has been working on reacquiring all that information? Anyway, another simple little slicey lifey. Not as good as the others, but fluffy if that’s what you are looking for.

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