Pony Stories 440

29 Jun

Writing this intro bit a few days before the post actually goes live. So not even sure what kind of reviews might be below. Might be pony fan fiction. Might be actual paid-money-for stories. Who knows! Anyway, hopefully by the time you read this I will once again be up to date on the big master review list. Maybe even be ready to add another reviewer! Someone I found completely by accident while browsing comments on… a story? Might have been a FimFiction blog. Anyway, look forward to that semi-soon. Maybe tomorrow. Whenever that tomorrow turns out to be. If my current good mood lasts (effective medication for the win!) I might even resume putting up my R4 posts over on FimFiction to get back to catching up on reviews over there.

Split Eyes by Meta Four

Fun story. Though my fondness for story via letters means I’m hardly going to be absolutely objective. Wish it hadn’t been all one way though. The replies to the letters would have been interesting. I really like this version of Ditzy Doo. Can’t wait to see what the author’s take on Trixie is. Oh, and I would recommend reading Alarm Clock first. Otherwise you might be a little lost.

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Posted by on June 29, 2015 in Ponies, Reading 2015, Reviews


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