Pony Stories 441

01 Jul

Today you are getting two parts in this intro bit. The first is that I am really behind on adding stuff to the big master review list. I need to take an afternoon or two and get caught up on that. Plus getting the post put together for the new reviewer I’m going to add, even if his earlier posts are huge walls of text I can barely parse to see if it’s a fan fiction review or not. Tipe for reviewers: please, please put the title/author and link of stuff you are reviewing or even just talking about.

Now, the second bit is a random thought I had while thinking about the movie Looper. Time travel stuff. Premise is apparently in the future everything is watched so carefully that you can’t kill people or dispose of bodies. So they send them back in time and have people back then kill ’em. Fun little premise. Lots of holes in it, but as a basic concept it works pretty well. Now, I was thinking of the various holes and the things you could do with time travel. Thought to myself, you could totally just have the same coordinates for every single body you dump and have every single person you need killed intersect in the exact same spot. Which I picture causes some kind of gigantic atomic explosion. Which had me thinking that’d be a cool plot detail, maybe that mysterious out of nowhere explosion causes all the surveillance that started the time-travel body dumping in the first place. Sort of a Watchman-style threat to unify the world or something.

Black Magic Mare, Roaming Queen by Meta Four

Fun story. Do like this version of Trixie, but she is a little scattershot. Which works given the character in question, but she could have used a bit more space for character exploration. Still, good read.

Beauty Will Tear Us Apart by Meta Four

This was a fun one. I really like this author. He’s got a good touch at the adventure/comedy, with the emphasis on the comedy end. Plus the Trixie here is even better than in the previous one.

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