New Reviewers 20: When Reviews Met Lloyd

04 Jul

I had hoped to have a post adding another chunk of reviews to the big master list. But the person whose FimFiction blog I bookmarked turned out to not have many reviews after all. So I just did a search for ‘reviews’ and grabbed a few that I hadn’t stumbled across before. So here’s a few new reviews added to the big master review list. Oh, and since apparently *some* of you authors haven’t been listening to the rules (I’m the one true authority! I’ve even got a certificate and everything. Just give me a minute with this blank paper and colored pens.) I’ll review. You aren’t allowed to name any story Happily Ever After. There are too many of those and it is very annoying to me personally.

First off, a handful of reviews from The Cynical Brony. Who, from my brief skimming of his blog looking for review posts, seems to get angry really easily. He focuses more on episode and fandom reviews in general, but has a handful of fanfic reviews. He tends to do the review as entertainment/skit sort of thing.

Next we have reviews from VoidInfinity. He isn’t very active (only two blogposts both about a month ago) but he’s got a single review, so it gets added to the list to help flesh out this post.

Here’s some from Pen Mightier.

Lastly, some reviews from HapHazred.

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Posted by on July 4, 2015 in Ponies, Reviewers


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