Pony Stories 444

06 Jul

Been getting fun stuff in the mail lately. Couple of RPG books, two old-school D&D adventures and the Atomic Robo RPG. Which is pretty neat even if I’m sticking with Fate Accelerated Edition instead of the Fate Core version it’s based on. More Dr. Dinosaur is always better. Even if there is only a tiny amount of him in the book. Also got a deck of Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder cards. Will I ever actually play it? Probably not. But just reading through the cards is pretty fun by itself so it’s not a total waste of money. Just like, 50% a waste of money.

Retirement Blues by Alaborn

Huh. 90% of this is fairly bland slice of life. Not bad, but not great either. Just kind of meanders. This must be how people who don’t like fluffy slice of life stories feel about the ones I like in that sub-genre. Then, the last two chapters feel like they are supposed to be in another story and the wedding that was built up gets like two lines. The author really needed to work the main character’s tragic backstory of the one unfinished case in a bit more smoothly. It’s mentioned at the start of the story, brought up like once, then *bam* a pony in Ponyville is discovered to be a murder and foalnapper. Pacing needs work, and I think I’ve got a case of thematic whiplash now. Even just a mention of the royal guard needing to deal with a monster from the Everfree Forest and needed the main character’s help once would have been nice.

The story also covers a lot of events in the first two seasons of the show. It handles them okay. I do like how he doesn’t cover all the events of those seasons, just a few key ones. Yet it still felt like our main character was helping with every big event and always in a semi-leadership position just off-screen from the show. Even for the Discord incident he was going around town calming people down and helping everyone deal with the chaos. Sure, Princess Celestia’s sister is a forgotten legend after a thousand years, but Princess Celestia makes sure the Canterlot Police Department has detailed plans in how to deal with even older menaces that normal ponies can’t hope to deal with. Menaces that are sealed up in stone for longer than there’s been Canterlot. Not even just the police chief of Canterlot, apparently all the detectives get briefed on both Discord and Tirek. That’s like every upper echeleon detective in Paris getting briefed on what they should do if undead Nazis from WW2 start pouring across the border from Germany, because they were researching all sorts of mystical stuff and there’s a outside possibility that there is a secret underground laboratory that finally figured out how to animate the dead.

Aaanyway, the omnipresent competence of the main character aside it was a decent story. Just wish he would have been caught flustered or unsure at, well, at any point ever in the story. Story was a bit more shallow than I had expected. Guess my expectations were a little too high. Still, it did manage to cover events from the show pretty well and the romance angle was better than standard shipping in both of the couples we see form in the course of the story.

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