Pony Stories 447

21 Jul

Wait, wait. I just had a very odd thought. I’m sure someone somewhere in the fandom has had to expressed the same idea, but I haven’t seen it. Princess Luna was banished to the mood for a thousand years. We saw in the wedding episodes that she apparently flew down from the moon to take her turn watching out for the unspecific danger they were warned about. So… Doesn’t that mean that the thousand year banishment was just her being locked in her room for a while? I mean, if they are both immortals then the time wasn’t as crushing as it could have been.

In big master review list news, still hacking away at the backlog. It’s kind of weird that a lot of the reviews I’ve been adding to the list are of stories already there. Guess there’s just been a lot of overlap recently. Not specifically on new stories, but apparently reviewers have been getting around to stories they found through other reviews or something. Which is nice since I don’t have to add new lines to the list and it helps fill up the huge amount of whitespace on the spreadsheet. Also, today’s trivia is that the word ‘socks’ only appears twice on the whole list. Was kind of surprising.

Fluttershy Gets a Paper Cut by Filler

Can’t help but giggle. This is much more a comedy, but it certainly has plenty of gore. Spoiler: Fluttershy does survive.

Love, in Other Words by Mickey Dubs

This was an interesting collection of semi connected short stories. Different viewpoints from different characters during a single day. It was interesting because of the disconnect between writing quality and emotional impact. The writing was rough and I’d put it a notch or two below average. I don’t normally notice that sort of thing, and I didn’t see any real typos, but the writing seemed shallow and awkward.

However, the sincerity and emotions if it managed to grab me all the way through. Getting me invested in the characters and emotions despite never actually getting immersed in the story. So if you can handle telly language and somewhat rough writing, I think I’d recommend this.

As Long As You’re Living by Mickey Dubs

This one did not manage to grab me. Which meant the flaws in the writing stood out even more. It just didn’t feel very natural. All the characters just seemed.. Well, not relatable and inconsistent in subtle ways. That and nopony apparently has any clue in how to interact with a traumatized orphan who has spent years living on her own supporting herself at least enough to survive. So I’m not sure I’d recommend this one unless you enjoy orphan Scootaloo stories. It’s not a bad take on the genre, but I can’t really say it’s a good story. The short story about her in the previous one was enough for me.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 447

  1. Loganberry

    July 22, 2015 at 6:42 pm

    apparently reviewers have been getting around to stories they found through other reviews or something

    Or, in my case, are just so damn slow that everyone else read them a year ago…

    • Soge

      July 22, 2015 at 7:51 pm

      I, for one, certainly know nothing about this…


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