Pony Stories 452

31 Jul

Been reading more ponyfic lately. Which is nice. Will probably have enough of a backlog that I can schedule at least one review a day for the 2-3 weeks the world scifi ccon trip will have me away. Which should be doable. I’ll have my mini tablet so I’ll have some online ability with hotel wifi and such. Not enough to create posts for the blog, but I can at least edit them a little before they go up. Mostly it has to do with the copy pasting of the reviews themselves and linking things. So I’m thinking to get the posts scheduled, but leave the intro bits empty and do those while I’m out on the trip. Hopefully be able to regale you all with the stories of the piles and piles of writing I’ll have gotten done after each day of hours of driving, thinking, and listening to writing advice podcasts.

  • Opposites Attract by A Hoof-ful of Dust
  • The Incredibly Blitzed Night of Rainbow Dash by Chengar Qordath
  • Rarity’s Cuddling Conundrum by The Abyss

Opposites Attract by A Hoof-ful of Dust

Silly fluffy little piece. Nothing deep or substantial. Just poking fun at Rarity and AJ shipping.

The Incredibly Blitzed Night of Rainbow Dash by Chengar Qordath

Not bad. Another fluffy slice of life story. It’s really more like a scene or two from a longer story. Doesn’t really stand alone, too much context for everything. But if you like the winning pony stories this’ll be a decent dose. Almost a whole chapter of extremely slurred drunk dialogue was a bit much.

Rarity’s Cuddling Conundrum by The Abyss

Eehh, I wanted to like this at least a little. Spike (older Spike anyway) and Rarity is one of the pairs I like. The author of this story likes it as well. The story, eh, not very good execution of what is a fluffy simple slice of life concept. Spike’s reaction was just so forced. I can’t see him reacting so strong and abrupt to what is basically a suggestion to adjust a minor thing slightly. I could have been convinced, but the author spent absolutely no time letting the reader know how this relationship was going or what the characters were feeling. We get a bare handful of surface level telly thoughts from Rarity that fail to explain anything a reader didn’t already learn from the story description. In fact, this is a pretty good dictionary example of why show don’t tell is emphasized so much in writing lessons. Not recommended, even for fans of that ship.

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  1. iisawiisaw

    July 31, 2015 at 5:37 pm

    Thanks for the reviews, and have a great time at WorldCon!


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