Pony Stories 460

12 Aug

It feels kind of weird when I’m scheduling this far out. Not in any big sense, but I can’t really say what will be happening or what I’ll be thinking several days in the future. I mean, in more than general terms. When the intro bit in particular is such stream of consciousness stuff, it’s like I’m trying to read the mind of future me and failing. Hopefully when you are reading this future me is going to be either finished or close to finished catching up on the big master review list updating. Assuming you crazy people haven’t put out like a dozen more review posts each. Later Edit: All caught up, woo! At least until someone puts out more reviews, anyway.

  • Born in Equestria by Winston
  • The Castle on the Corner (I’m Afraid of Changeling (and other short stories) by Cold in Gardez)

Born in Equestria by Winston

A story about a soldier coming home from a war. Or more specifically, a soldier not quite coming back. The struggle to live in safe civilian surroundings with the memories of war still tearing things up inside. Very good story. This is in the category of fan fiction that could almost be original. It would be easy to replace the nouns and set it just about anywhere. However, having it be long actually gives it even more of a contrast. The idea of a war veteran returning to colorful idyllic Ponyville is a very sharp environment for it to happen. If the premise interests you, I recommend this as a very strong and emotional execution of it. However, there really isn’t anything besides that so if you are looking for anything besides war veteran struggles to adjust, you won’t find it here.

The Castle on the Corner (I’m Afraid of Changeling (and other short stories) by Cold in Gardez)

Short, but very good. Not a story, just a little mood piece really. I enjoyed it immensely. Though I must say at least a bit of that comes from my own amusement at a single line about Princess Celestia living on a mountain. Given my own headcanon about Canterlot, that line just reinforced the whole thing a little more.

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