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15 Aug

Day three of the worldcon roadtrip. Hope it’s going well, since I’m still scheduling this ahead of time. Hopefully will have wifi and energy to add to this intro bit the night before. If not, well, still more Estee ponyfic reviews for you to enjoy down below.

Night before edit: Well, second day of the trip was kind of mixed. Managed to get what probably turned out to be 9 or so hours of driving between breaks. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more steady. Have to say, listening to stuff via the car speakers turns out to be not all that useful. The loss of quality combined with the ambient noise, and the fact that the tablet auto-lowers the volume for headphones (which the car gets classified as) means that it is just a pain too listen to even just people talking. So grabbed a wireless speaker from a electronics store, hopefully it will function better.

The other part is that the Writing Excuses podcast is entertaining and educational, but the one thing it doesn’t do is make the hours fly by. Not sure if it’s because it takes focus and thinking to listen to, but the road just seems to drag on and on even while I’m listening. So tomorrow (today when you read this) I’ll be switching it up with more music and other audio to see if different content helps.

  • Princesses Can’t Cook by Estee
  • Pinkie Pie vs. The Soufflé by Estee
  • 0G Network Coverage by Estee

Princesses Can’t Cook by Estee

A thoughtful glance at Celestia and Luna, wrapped in a delightful light comedy about the two of them failing to cook. Another good story from this author. Enjoyed it a lot.

Pinkie Pie vs. The Soufflé by Estee

Nice little character study of Pinkie Pie. Between this, Lazy River, and a few other stories they have done, I have to say this author writes Pinkie Pie really well. This doesn’t have the usual bouncy random Pinkie, but if you are looking for a different flavor Pinkie that still can match up with standard Pinkie you should give this a try.

0G Network Coverage by Estee

Magic cellphone comedy, basically. Some point trying to sell one to Trixie. Basically a parody of things. How much of a parody depends on how nice you feel towards cellphones or phone companies.

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