Worldcon 2015 trip writing #1

17 Aug

Been reading a lot of Estee’s stories and got reminded how well they portray Celestia and Luna. Specifically how old they are. Sometimes I get reminded of just how long Luna was gone and my brain has a hard time processing it. 1000 years is enough time to fit all US history, plus all of England’s as well. A good chunk of western civilization happened in the time Luna was gone, and both of them were probably around for a while before that. How do you handle being someone who actually remembers growing up during the height of the Roman Empire and lives with modern people that can barely remember their parent’s time?

Anyway, today is going to be different since I ran out of prepared reviews. I’ve managed to do a few bits of writing, about a half-dozen pages, on the trip while stopped for lunch and gas and such. Haven’t had as much downtime at the hotels at night, so not as much as I had hoped. Which seems to be a running theme of the trip so far. Luckily, I’ll still have the con evenings to scribble with since I don’t do parties and I won’t really know anyone there except my dad.

I was going to type up the couple of pages of ponywords I had gotten, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Did a lot of driving today and now that I’m at the hotel and relaxing I don’t want to go back out to the car for a third time to get something else.

Driving went well though. Was a bit worried that I’d be a little late. I was going to make the con for sure, but I want to get there the day before so I have a full night of rest between roadtrip and bookstore unloading and setup. So was looking like I might not make the day before, but I pushed a little bit today. Mostly I was saved by the time zones. I basically got three free hours crossing the country, and that was about the margin I was estimating I’d be late (which meant I would have grabbed a hotel wherever I was the night before I got there and have to drive for 4-5 hours and have to go straight from driving to unloading. Such are the petty struggles of my life.

Ran out of non-music to listen to. Really wishing I hadn’t lost the teeny memory card with all the audio I prepared on it at the first hotel I stayed at. I can download the writing excuses stuff, but really wanted to listen to some of that other stuff and I haven’t found an easy way to download youtube videos to my tablet. I did get to listen to the first three episodes of Whom The Princesses Would Destroy though, with the fourth accidentally deleted so I’ll have to grab that one again from my dropbox.

Which leads to the frustrating part where I have to complain about something that’s wonderful. It’s a great production (though I do miss the footnotes), but it was still a bit annoying to listen to. For one single reason. Scribbler pronounces certain words different from how I do it in my head. Well, not even pronounces, it’s a pacing thing. The pauses and speed of speaking certain words are almost opposite from how I do it in my head (or out loud I suppose), and so it was like I was catching my toe and stumbling every other sentence. It’s so subtle it took me two of the videos to figure out what was bugging me. Had a similar reaction to the anime Soul Eater (?) where the animation style bothered me in really subtle ways. It’s really, really, really annoying to have something you enjoy in every other respect have one teeny thing that you just can’t ignore. For the audiobook, I got used to it for the most part. Probably just because I’ve read that story so many times that it got etched into my brain in a particular way.

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