Arrived at last

18 Aug

Finally reached my destination, yesterday by the time you read this. Got in nice and early, about 5pm local time. Those wacky time zones. Got to the hotel despite some minor technical difficulties. Then I found out that my wireless keyboard apparently got left at the last hotel. Two lost items in one trip, bleh. Might have to start using checklists. Just sucks that both were things I got specifically for the trip and its not even halfway done. So no typing up my writing. Which really sucks because I spent a good amount of today’s driving time thinking of a scene in a original story I wanted to write. I’ll still get it down, but sucks when momentum and enthusiasm get wrecked like that.

Anyway, today is unloading and setup day. Shelves and books. So many shelves and books. My dad actually made collapsible wood bookshelves, so when the booth is set up it looks like an actual little bookstore. Which is neat. Takes a while to set up and break down. Every con I’ve helped him with we’ve started setup before most everyone else and end up being the last to finish, and for breakdown we’ve usually been the last out of the dealer’s room. Once or twice just before they had to kick us out and close the room for the hotel to tidy up.

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