19 Aug

Setup is just as hard as I remember. Even more so as we had to rush a bit due to not having the space to do our usual unpacking arrangement. I’m really not in the proper shape for even moderate heavy labor like moving around wooden shelving units. Another motivation to exercise more. Glad I can do the occasional bit of intense work, but it is always do draining. So many boxes of books.

But enough about my flaws as hired muscle. Tomorrow we finish setup and even have a few hours of open dealers room. Where we get to show off all sorts of nice books. So much Terry Pratchett, lots of Tolkien, and plenty of other scifi classics. Having the bookstore up is always nice. Being surrounded, like actual walls of books on three sides, is still a good feeling.

Better than exhausted, thirsty, and with a sore shoulder anyway.

Just so today isn’t a total waste for anyone who checks, here is the reaction to the most recent ponyfic I read.

Light the Sky on Fire by EquesTRON

Pretty good Scootaloo learns to fly story. A little light on the details. It’s her inner monologue about what she has been doing as she gets ready for one last self imposed test of her own ability. So its a lot of her telling the reader what had happened. It almost pulls it off. I didn’t find it slow, but I would have liked more details. I personally prefer Spellbound Fireflies, but if you like Scootaloo, this was a cool look at another path to her flying.

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