Worldcon 2015: Saturday (day four)

23 Aug

Was a bit slow. Still had a decent trickle of customers, but not nearly as many as the previous day’s. Lots of people looking for books by authors doing signings. Especially George R R Martin, who had two autograph signings schedule and had a ballroom to himself instead of having to use the autograph people. That table handles five authors at a time and it’s a bit sad to see one really popular one with a big line and three other authors waiting with nobody in their lanes. Saw it happen once or twice passing through. Hope all of them got some fans.

We are right next to a webcomic guy I like. Dave Kellett who does Sheldon and Drive. Cool guy. Which meant that other webcomic people showed up. Howard Taylor, who does Schlock Mercenary was there twice for long conversations. Wish I could have said hi, but he never came over to our space and I didn’t want to impose on him. My own brain glitches make me hyper cautious about bothering or interrupting people. Shaenon K Garrity also stopped by our neighbor’s booth, but lucky for me she did end up visiting us a hour or so later. I said hi, chatted briefly, and she ended up giving me a copy of the first Skin Horse collection for free because she was tired if carrying the pile if them around and wanted to lighten the load. Score! Now I gotta get the writer to sign it too.

Oh, additionally the next booth over also had the guy behind Machine of Death. He sold out of the second book but I ended up getting the first one anyway. Mostly worth a mention because the whole reason I know about it is because of the pony fan fiction crossover, ACT OF WILL.

As for the rest it was pretty much the same. I’m running out of steam. The five day cons are just not for me. At least not as a dealer where I can’t sit down. As comfortable as I am doing the business social thing. talking about books and helping people out, it’s still not the same as actual socializing and that wears me down after a while. Especially with do many beautiful ladies at the con. Stupid brain and crippling social anxiety.

But that’s the usual. Tomorrow (today when you read this) is the last day, which will include breakdown and loading the trailer. Ten back on the road. Thinking of heading the rest of the way to Seattle just to go see the ocean, maybe just get my feet wet. Mostly because it seems silly to drive all the way across the country and not literally go from ocean to ocean. Either way, head back with a stop in Colorado to visit with a friend. Drive home going to be a bit lazier than the drive out, but not by much. Once again hoping to get writing done. Well, specifically writing that isn’t clop.

Writing these posts on the tablet isn’t bad, but putting in the links is so annoying.

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