Roadtrip 2: Day 2

27 Aug

14 hours on the road, and so much better than yesterday was. Turns out I’d make a horrible shadowrunner if just a brief visit to pre-corp Seattle kicks my ass that much. Anyway, typing this up technically late by the home time zone, but it’s still today in the time zone I’m in so I’m counting it. Which would be neat except the hotel I’m staying at not letting me onto the wifi so I’ll be posting this sometime tomorrow. Still counting it because it really is forces outside of myself causing it to be late and I did type it up under the limit.

Getting back into the road trip groove. Nobody but me in the car with some music and the writing podcast. Even got about five pages of writing done. Some of it at the lunch stop and the rest done at a Denny’s I stopped at for dinner. Both actually writing involving my current scifi story I’m trying to work on. The sequel to Nothing Begins In Isolation. Said sequel is like 85% done, but I need an ending. So of course my newest inspiration for a scene is one added onto the beginning. Still, any day I accomplish writing is a good day. It’s amazing that the Writing Excuses podcast, even if I’m not learning much from this or that episode, it almost always makes me want to write.

Bedtime for me, after some reading, and hopefully I’ll get this up tomorrow. Wonder if I should just schedule it for tomorrow and count it as two days. Nah, that’s just cheating.

Well, this took longer to get up than I thought. Guess it will have to count for two days.

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