Roadtrip Return : Day …3? 4?

27 Aug

Things continue to go good. Detoured a bit south to pass through Colorado to meet up with a friend to hang out for a few hours. One of the few social acquaintances I really miss from when I lived in that area. The rest of my social circle I enjoyed spending time with, but were just friends as opposed to close friends. Seeing him is nice. Even if the fact that he’s married and has a kid is still a bit surreal. Part of my brain still has him categorized as the guy I hung out with and fooled around with in middle school and high school. This endless march of time and growing up is weird.

Tomorrow (today when this goes up) I start the relaxed part of the trip back. No deadline or scheduled stopping points. Just head east and north until I get back home on the east coast. I’ll know I’m getting close when I stop seeing the billboards for gun shops and gun shows.

Probably mentioned this before, but driving straight across the country was educational. Not in a big way, but just seeing how things change between the east coast and the Midwest was interesting. Both environmentally and culturally. It really does feel like two different places just from what I saw out the window driving along the highways. Kind of impressive the country keeps holding itself together as well as it does. Also, someone out there with a lot of money is really pushing anti-abortion message. I think I’ve seen at least 2-3 billboards against abortion every day out here.

It’s a complicated subject, so not going into it deeply. Just had to share one silly and amusing thought. The message on one was “I have fingerprints at 4 months old” or something similar. I forget the exact phrasing. My first thought when reading that was this: “Are you proposing some kind of unborn baby fingerprint criminal database to keep track of them?” The physical logistics of getting the fingerprints recorded are tricky, but not impossible. Then I realized that it was another anti-abortion sign and was disappointed.

Do ponies leave fingerprints? They can grab things with their hooves, but probably don’t have anything identifying them like fingerprints on a human. Wonder if they have to just stick with magical residue. Huh. Might have to think about that a little more. Maybe they just leave fur and tail hair as the analogue.

FimFiction feed is up over 200 items.

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