Pony Stories 465

31 Aug

Blah blah blah. Rambling into paragaph. Gotta get back into the groove for these things. Otherwise I might end up actually talking about useful and or insightful things above the break! Got enough ponyfic reviews to last for quite a while, so should be daily posting for at least a few weeks. Going to try to put some more R4 posts up on fimfiction as well. After I do the usual recent stuff linking for the trip and most recent reviews. That and writing comments for week-old posts over there that I’m just now reading. Hopefully that will continue with my efforts to write more. Also, my one pony fanfic got put into someone’s favorite bookshelf. So yay for that. Nice that it’s still spreading enjoyment.

In semi-related mentions, I’m going to be attempting to force myself to write a lot in the near future. Not anything in particular. Just going to try for a somewhat ambitious wordcount of output each day for a while to see if I can manage it. I was planning on probably putting some of it up here if I do anything interesting. Figured I’d ask if I should attempt ponywords for you people to enjoy, or stick to whatever random thing pops in my head each day for original stuff. Ponywords are more likely to be shown, though not edited obviously since it’s just a writing exercise.

Big Master Review List stats: Authors: [2332], Stories [5534], Total Reviews: [9002]. Put here for reference for when I get caught up so I can tell just how many reviews I missed over a 2-3 week period.

  • Yaks Not Ponies by Metool Bard
  • Yaks Are Jerks by Avox
  • Declaring War? Really? by Tawny Flower
  • Politics By Other Means by totallynotabrony

Yaks Not Ponies by Metool Bard

First test of the new bluetooth keyboard I got for the trip. Still a little on the small side, but I have large hands so can’t really blame the keyboard.
This story was functional. Which isn’t exactly a compliment for a short story. The events just kind of happen and there isn’t really any, well, pizazz to any part of it. So, can’t really recommend even though it’s not really bad either.

Yaks Are Jerks by Avox

Hee. Cheerfully drunk Princess Celestia is loads of fun. This was much closer to what I was expecting for Yak stories. Light and comedic. Though I’m looking forward to the dark tagged one coming up in my reading queue. Really, pony does tend towards the extremes. Taken at face value you can have fluffy and/or comedic fun. Or if you think about the implications too much you can dive right into pretty dark stuff. Yaks Not Ponies made the mistake of trying to be rational and middle of the road and that’s why it was dull. I enjoyed this one a lot more.

Declaring War? Really? by Tawny Flower

Pretty much right between the two previous. This one was fun not because of absurdity, but just because the author did a decent job with the characterization/dialogue. It really felt like two friends having a conversation. Was just long enough to do what it needed to do, stopping even though I would have liked there to be more.

Politics By Other Means by totallynotabrony

Huh. That was unexpected. Starts out as Shining Armor lecturing his sister, takes a turn when she reveals what she actually did. Upshot, Twilight Sparkle’s real response to the Yaks declaring war was mind control spell. Out of these four stories this is number three. Unlike the others this one needed to be longer. Either Twilight saying it was a joke, or Shining Armor explaining that mind control is not the answer any more than war would be.

Though this fanfic does fall into the trap of trying to take a simplified TV show at face value. Such as trying to give what the Yaks said real diplomatic weight. I mean, trying to convince me that the Yaks should be taken seriously when they were smashing up the place in a comedic fashion is just silly.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 465

  1. Chris

    September 1, 2015 at 12:35 am

    Ah, a fellow yak-fic-reviewing enthusiast! We ought to bug all the other reviewers to do a yakfic set. It could be a thing. Then we could smash any reviewers who seemed like they were phoning it in, because yaks hate imperfect reviews.

    • Griffin

      September 1, 2015 at 11:25 am

      Hee. Well, you have to do the yak reviews all at once of course. Can’t read just one yak story after all.


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