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03 Sep

Project Horizons finally finished and showing up on FimFiction. That’s pretty cool. Though now I have to struggle with reading it from start to finish or not. I’ve read most of it? I think? Pretty sure that given what I read at the time about how long it was planned to be, chapters wise not wordcount, where I got was about 2/3rds or 3/4ths of the whole thing. I want to say chapter 60? Anyway, I’ve read a good amount of it. My opnions at the time can be found here: Pony Stories 55. Which was a while ago, jeeze. Almost two years ago. That’s a lot of ponyfic between then and now. Might be worth reading just to see how my view has changed. I figure I’ve got until it finishes showing up on FimFiction to decide. Basically I remember my reaction being this: There is a really really good story there. One that is a worthy successor to the original Fallout Equestria, which is no small praise given that the original is one of my favorite stories of all time. However, to get at that great story you have to dig through so much other stuff. What Project Horizons desperately needed, and I doubt it’s gotten, is a full start-to-finish edit that cuts the wordcount in half. Which would still put it longer than Fallout Equestria most likely.

  • Nightmare Mom by Dubs Rewatcher
  • Strategic by Winston
  • Hooves Holding A Broken Heart by The Princess Rarity
  • First by Winston

Nightmare Mom by Dubs Rewatcher

Not as absurd as Twilight DONE!, but then again few things are. The same basic humor dialed way down. Was still enjoyable, though.

Strategic by Winston

A little heavy handed with telling the reader things instead of showing them. Though when a story is all internal monologue that is hard to avoid. I’m sure I would have gotten more out of it if I was a bigger chess player. Move by move description of a chess game just doesn’t do much for me.

Hooves Holding A Broken Heart by The Princess Rarity

There needed to be more of this. Just not enough to go on, at least for me. There’s the obvious situation it could be referring to (which reading the author’s note confirms actually), but that would actually make this not very good with it stopping where it does with no real resolution. Something with this buildup needs a little something extra to justify it, but it stops at about what I’d call the halfway point. The writing was decent enough, but that would kind of any on how the theoretical rest of the story unfolded.

First by Winston

Did I do a review of this one? Just realized I had read this one fairly recently, but don’t remember writing down my thoughts. (Once again I need to stop blindly copy/pasting these to the blog without looking for notes to myself). Anyway, my reaction was this was an interesting little character study of Dash. Just wasn’t really substance that grabbed me. It struck me as basically a brief inner monologue stretched out to fill a two-pony conversation.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 468

  1. Present Perfect

    September 3, 2015 at 6:46 pm

    You’re right: PH clocks in at nearly three Fallout: Equestrias. Not many fics can make that claim!

    • Griffin

      September 3, 2015 at 8:45 pm

      Yes, and there is only like 1.4 Fallout: Equestrias worth of good story! Maybe another .6 Fallout:Equestria worth of okay story on top of that.


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