New Reviewers 23: Zardoz

05 Sep

Just a brief one today. In my wanderings through the backlog I somehow came across this person who has a mere four reviews. Anyway, here is Princess Of Edits. I will comment that a brief look at the reviews show a fairly style-based format. Both using reaction images and language use such as this:

Sweetie Belle kicketh a rock into a bush and is surprised when someone concealed within kicketh it back out.

Another example of my whim-based addition of reviews to the big master list. Or more specifically, how the number of reviews a source has done is the primary factor. If someone has only done a handful then they are easy to add. Though I admit that I tried to read through the review of Essenza di Amore and just couldn’t handle it.

In other big master review list news, with things being all caught up had to do some adjustments to reviewer position on the list. Soge has zipped right past Seattle’s Angels. Once again proving that one person can do a lot more reviews than a group of people. Apparently that’s how it works.

Thanks to Titanium Dragon we have another one to add here. Though he hasn’t done any reviews in a long while, there was enough that I think they should get added to the list. FimFiction user barbeque. Who had the awesome review post title of Subtle Reviews. Then again, I might just be really biased towards people who have a regular name/title for their review stuff so when I’m searching for their user name on the big master list it doesn’t point me at both their stories and their reviews. Hopefully by the time this goes live on my blog I’ll have actually added these reviews to the list. You can do it, future me!

So here we go, all of barbeque’s Subtle Reviews:

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Posted by on September 5, 2015 in Ponies, Reviewers


One response to “New Reviewers 23: Zardoz

  1. Soge

    September 5, 2015 at 10:23 am

    I think that Soge guy needs to stop being lazy and go back to posting reviews…

    Also, yay for Princess of Edits. Those reviews are a joy to read.


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