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09 Sep

Forcing myself to write every day has been a little bit of a struggle. Most of the time I’m at the computer and nothing pops into my head. Inspiration is so fickle. But I’ve got enough ideas that I can just grab one of them from the backburner and write a scene or something. The problem that I’ve noticed is that whenever I force myself to write something, or more specifically the majority of the days I’ve been writing every day, there has been an emerging pattern. Almost none of them have been actual scenes or bits of a story. The vast majority (for whatever definition of vast can be crammed into about eight days of hour-long writing sessions) has been almost all just narrative exposition. Thousand word chunks explaining the world or the characters or even just what’s going on in the scene I’m writing. Not like writing prose about the actions in the scene, but the narration just describing and commenting on what’s going on. Which isn’t quite as bad, but it’s a tendency I’ve noticed in my writing before and this has really driven it in just how much I tend to go in that direction if I’m not watching myself.

Now, ponyfic reviews:

  • Unexpected Confessions by Dianwei32
  • Attention To Detail by Monochromatic
  • Pinkie Pie Vs. the TSA by Admiral Biscuit
  • Silver Spanner gets her Cutie Mark by Admiral Biscuit

Unexpected Confessions by Dianwei32

Did some notes for this one while I was reading it, as I do on occasion for a story that is longer that I might forget reactions or notes by the end.

The first quarter of this is an average or maybe below average shipping story. Fluttershy’s gets drunk twice and had what I felt were wildly different reactions each time. Then Rarity hits her head and gets knocked out, then we get a whole chapter that goes on much too long to be a dream sequence. Then it turns out to be a dream sequence. Which is so vivid and real that it’s a major life changing event for Rarity. The story is just kind of all over the place. The author needs a lot more practice with working character motivations into stories and not just having plot happen because plot. I mean, Rarity having a long vivid dream for no reason that was strong enough she feels like it was an entire life she lived, that’s just using a sledgehammer to get the character development you want. This has a good story in it, even a good romantic story (at least up to the halfway point) but the author’s skill just wasn’t up to the task of pulling it off.

Using the nickname Shiny for somepony besides Twilight’s brother is very disorienting.

This one had a odd reaction from me. I even thought I wrote some of this down somewhere, but apparently not- Wait, just checked and I’m thinking of a different story. Huh. Quick refresh to make sure I know which story I’m talking about. Okay. This one did still get a unusual reaction from me. In that there is a good story in there that needs an editor to escape the somewhat lackluster writing it’s trapped in. Just a few little tweaks here and there, a bit of smoothing things out, and it would have been really good. As it is now? Pretty much just a typical pony shipping story. With a lot of the drama caused by one really stupid decision on Fluttershy’s part and most of the resolution ignited by a vivid dream sequence giving Rarity an epiphany. Whereas Rainbow Dash brings the backstory baggage to make everything complicated.

Attention To Detail by Monochromatic

I think Rarity and Twilight Sparkle is one if my favorite mane six shipping pairs. Not because of this story, though it was a fun bit of shopping fluff, but because it reminded me of just how much fun interaction those two characters can have. Especially now that Twilight is a princess. Anyway, this story is one for shipfic fans. Fluffy and pretty much just a short little piece that assumes you go with the relationship and doesn’t really go anywhere with it.

Pinkie Pie Vs. the TSA by Admiral Biscuit

Heehee. This was a lot of fun. Very much how I’d picture Pinkie Pie dealing with our silly airplane stuff. So, if you like silly but not over the top wacky Pinkie Pie (though she does have hammerspace and random confetti explosions) or just like airport pony comedy, you should go give this a try.

Silver Spanner gets her Cutie Mark by Admiral Biscuit

Neat little character study. Brief, but covers everything you need to know about the character for the cutie mark story. Not to mention a bit of worldbuilding sprinkled a little bit around the edges.

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  1. Loganberry

    September 11, 2015 at 12:03 pm

    I had no idea that “airport pony comedy” was a recognised sub-genre!


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