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19 Sep

Tried to write a bit more of alicorn retirement home last night. Got the start of a touching scene, but not sure it really fits with the light comedy I have gotten down so far. Time will tell. My current thoughts at the moment are perhaps to put up what I’ve got so far, and then maybe add to it when inspiration strikes. My lack of experience with the sorts of cliched older relatives is kinda hindering my ability to write such things.

  • A New Way by Phoenix_Dragon
  • Once and Future by Baal Bunny

A New Way by Phoenix_Dragon

The sequel to Without a Hive. If you liked that one, you should read this one. It has been a while since I read that one and it didn’t really stick in my head, so comparisons will be a bit vague. This one had a lot of the same problems I vaguely remember from the previous story. Not a whole lot of worldbuilding and the various different perspectives get a little confusing. The author isn’t great at giving each character their own voice, so sometimes I would think we are following one character before finding out we are actually with another one. The characters aren’t complete interchangeable and do have different personalities, but they are all broad strokes and specific references to the character’s history. The actual dialogue and viewpoint narration tended to be fairly similar.

In the end, this was an okay story. I don’t regret reading it like some other stories have been, but on the other hand I doubt I’ll remember this one and there wasn’t any part of me that really grabbed me. Plus the ending was a little abrupt. In the end I’d stick with what I started this with. If you read the previous two stories, you should read this one to get the wrap-up of most of the plot threads from them. If you haven’t read either of those you won’t be getting anything from this one and will just be confused. As someone who likes Changeling stories this sort of scratched that itch, but didn’t really have the ideas, depth, or interesting character arcs I enjoy.

Once and Future by Baal Bunny

An interesting bit if dragon worldbuilding. Not to mention an original for Spike’s egg. Quite good in fact.

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