New Reviewers 24: The Review Of The Ooze

26 Sep

Once again, I didn’t actually look at my reviews before moving them from my review document to the post yesterday. Which meant I didn’t do the bit of editing I had planned to do and insert the actual name of the greatest Changeling fanfic ever. That’s fixed now.

Anyway, most of you already know about this wonder of reviewing. But he’s a new reviewer and I’ve got this Saturday  new reviewer slot to fill on my schedule. So, welcome Adventure Clyde.


Since most of you are already aware of that particular reviewer, I decided to go looking for more review sources to spread around. With the exciting and innovative method of going to FimFiction and just doing a search in blogposts for ‘review’ and seeing if anything on the first page of results looked unfamiliar. Even going to try and have them up on the big master review list by the time this is live on the blog. Here are the results:



Minds Eye


Posted by on September 26, 2015 in Ponies, Reviewers


2 responses to “New Reviewers 24: The Review Of The Ooze

  1. Present Perfect

    September 26, 2015 at 6:27 pm

    Ah, I was not aware Minds Eye did reviews! :O

    And yay for Adventure Clyde! 😀

    • Griffin

      September 26, 2015 at 8:47 pm

      Apparently it’s a very occasional thing. At least two of those are just recommendations instead of proper reviews. The other two sets are a somewhat gimmicky coin-flip style review where Minds Eye flips a coin to determine if a story gets a good review or a bad review.


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