Immortal Game thoughts

01 Oct

Almost missed posting something today, so you get just a brief little bit to fulfill my self set obligation. Tomorrow I hope to actually have some non-pony content to put up. Managed to read more of that Lovecraftian short story collection.

But for now, I’ve been reading The Immortal Game again and it is more or less what I remember. Once again one of the main things that stick out for me is that the author really wanted magic sword fights. The bladecasting shown by the unicorns is just kind of silly. Not that unicorns have magic swords, I could handle that. But that the magic swords are made up of pieces that can be moved and manipulated independently. Rarity’s for instance is 14 diamonds with razor sharp edges that connect together to make a blade. Yet a lot of the time she’s shown using each one as a weapon with speed and precision. Why would she ever use the blade form? 14 separate diamond-hard projectiles she can manipulate with her magic. Or a single large sword? It’s like having a gun that shoots things and occasionally using it as a broadsword instead. Another character’s magic sword is made out of a magic-conducting metal that he can put spells on. I just read a story where he flung his pieces out into the supports and walls of a building and then release the explosive spell in them. Then back to using all the pieces in one form as a sword for a swordfight. Then there is the fact that the unicorn knights are wearing Jedi robes. No, really. It’s one of the parts that keeps me from getting into the story even though I do enjoy a lot of it. The magic swords that are more useful when not being used as swords just make me roll my eyes pretty much every time. Though when Twilight Sparkle gets one, that is pretty cool. I think she just uses hers as a sword though, doesn’t do the splitting the pieces up and using them as weapons thing. As do Celestia and Luna, since theirs are just pure energy. That is what I would have loved to see more of. Each blade being an expression of the unicorn’s talent in a shaft of energy that has effects based on the unicorn. Go the full magic sword as fantasy lightsaber route.


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2 responses to “Immortal Game thoughts

  1. Soge

    October 2, 2015 at 11:20 am

    The way I see it, splitting the sword in multiple fragments makes it harder to concentrate when battling a single foe. Also, particularly on the case of the Alicorn’s blades, having a fragmented sword makes it harder for them to block incoming attacks.

    • Griffin

      October 2, 2015 at 5:48 pm

      I get the justifications for it, just gets a little inconsistent at times. Rarity uses her diamonds to effortlessly kill a half-dozen bad guy minions. Then reforms her blade to slice another one. Guess it’s just the logical part of my brain, trying to add realistim into a fantasy adventure story.


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