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03 Oct

One thing that I really enjoyed about Friendship Games? Human Twilight completely ignoring Brad. Not that I’m really opposed to the whole romantic thing or care much one way or the other for him, but just seeing her having no reaction to a handsome boy because she’s too interested in science! was pretty awesome.

Hive by Tim Curran

This book drags on so slowly. I’m halfway through and nothing has really happened. I mean one or two things happened, but its mostly been just mood building. Which is something I don’t like much on its own.Take 14, a book I really enjoyed where nothing happens for most of the story. In that, however, the characters were always active. Poking things, trying to figure things out. It was building tension, letting us know the characters, revealing new things. Hive takes the more classic Lovecraftian route of lots of vague dread and characters just sort of wandering around being scared of things they can’t really describe. Which can work in a short story, but in a novel it is like trying to swim in molasses. Slow and unfulfilling.

Riverworld: Including To Your Scattered Bodies Go & The Fabulous Riverboat by Philip Jose Farmer

Another reread. Saw it on the shelf while at worldcon and remembered enjoying it long ago. Sadly, not so much this time. The language use is a bit too simple and the story focus just has no sense of pacing. The idea is still cool. That all of humanity, from cavemen to the present, are resurrected in one place, in many separate groups along a world spanning river.. I would love to see a more modern author tackle this. I’d probably still recommend this to someone who hasn’t read it before, but I didn’t finish it this time.

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Posted by on October 3, 2015 in Reading 2015, Reviews


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